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Lu's Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic brings over 30-years of experience in the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapies to the North-Eastern Suburbs.

LU'S ACUPUNCTURE AND HERBAL CLINIC - Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapies

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal therapies are generally formula-based - single herbs are rarely used. TCM holds that every medicinal substance has strengths and shortcomings, and each ingredient in a formula should be carefully balanced in quality and quantity, in order to accentuate its efficacy while reducing side effects.

The herbs are not combined cumulatively but are mixed according to particular principles. A diagnostic process is undertaken, with physicians discerning subtle patterns according to the symptoms of the individual. This then guides them to determine therapeutic strategies and to design or select proper formulae.

Because a TCM formula contains multiple interactive ingredients, it is customary to rank the compositions in four groups when analyzing the role they play in the formula.

The Monarch is the ingredient that exerts the major and leading effects in a formula.

The Minister is also known as the associate ingredient and usually refers to two different functions:

  1. Support the monarch drug

  2. Improve and treat accompanying symptoms or coexisting disharmony patterns

Assistant ingredients can play one of three roles in a formula. They can either:

  • Reinforce the effects of the monarch or minister drug or treat the less important coexisting patterns.
  • Eliminate the toxicity of the monarch and minister ingredients, or modulate their harsh properties,
  • Provide paradoxical assistance.

Guides have two different functions.

  1. Force the actions of the formula on the target meridian or area of the body
  2. Harmonize and integrate the effects on other drugs

Appropriate formula prescriptions based on accurate differential diagnosis can only be made by qualified TCM physicians, such as Dr Philip Qing Lu. It is important to consult a qualified TCM physician to help you select the most appropriate formula.

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