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Physique Transformations

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Physique Transformations

Tell your own record of success, learn the purpose of each evaluation and follow the programs that have been designed for you.

Personal Training & Remedial Massage

Initial Health & Fitness Assessment 

We need a detailed health and fitness review when you first visit us at Physique Transformations. Your success depends on a thorough, well designed and evidence-based evaluation.

Functions of our Programs & Purpose of Assessment 

If you do not participate in a well thought-out fitness evaluation:

  • Risk yourself for harm or repetition
  • Weak development due to technology inadequacy
  • Most likely to give up 

A computer program does not break it off. We are designed around them for people with injuries or disabilities from previous surgeries, while working to improve these shortcomings and to restore your quality of life.

Points to be checked
  • Body Fat Skin Folds 
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Flexibility 
  • Structural Balance 
  • Waist to Hip 
  • Weight 


There’s an old saying that abs are made in the kitchen and no matter how hard you train or how well your training program is, you can’t ‘out-train’ a bad diet.

We know this to be the case with Physique Transformations. The key to burning off fat and building the body you need is to be clear of what you need to do with your food.

Therefore, we use the versatile fat loss nutrition approach.


You will have a program developed by your designated personal trainer once we have carried out your initial testing so that your aims and wishes can be achieved as quickly as you can. As a result, people almost immediately begin to see and feel improvements.


The only way to know if you are working is by checking again. Whether you want to burn fat or render lean tissue, you will continuously see if what you do works. That is why we regularly re-test body fat levels. We know in this way whether calories and exercise need to be increased or reduced. The continuous tweaking ensures that when other trainers start to fight, we will continue to achieve results.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is accompanied by a specific treatment plan that allows soft tissues to repair, recover and adjust their functional integrity to health.

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