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Pilates with Karol

Karol Ramirez
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Be gentle to your spine and achieve great results

Pilates Instructors

About Our Pilates Program

Improve posture, mobility and strength of your body, take Pilates with Karol Group Classes at Ingleburn and Blair Athol NSW or Subscribe to our Pilates Online and have access to our variety of videos.

Our Pilates instructors, Karol Ramirez and Pamela Sommerville, provide a comprehensive Pilates program that not only suits your needs and abilities, but also allows you to work at your own pace.

We follow the Stott Pilates method, which is more advanced compared to the invention of Joseph Pilates. It employs the fundamentals of modern exercises to adjust the spine and strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints.

Benefits of Pilates
  • Improves posture and muscle tone
  • Alleviates back pain
  • Develops strong and flat abdominals
  • Prevents injuries
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Creates longer and leaner muscles
  • Strengthens pelvic muscles

Meet Karol Ramirez

Karol has been teaching Pilates for more than 12 years. She is a certified Stott Pilates instructor who focuses on strengthening the functional performance of the body while ensuring muscle care. 

Karol loves her job and is passionate about helping people of all ages to feel better about themselves. Using Stott Pilates, she helps them improve their posture, range of motion and strength. 

Meet Pamela Sommerville

Pam is a passionate Pilates instructor who applies a gentle but dynamic approach in class. She teaches people of all ages, paying attention to each client’s specific needs and fitness goals.

Pam combines her knowledge of body movement with the principles of Stott Pilates to increase her client's mobility.

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Qualification details

Karol Ramirez
Certified Stott Pilates Instructor

Pamela Sommerville
Bachelor in Sport Management
Certified Breathe Pilates Instructor
Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor

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