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Concomitant Healing heals the physical problems caused by the storage of the emotional issues or physical problems within the body that affect the flow of energy from the nervous system.

Points of Healing - Concomitant Healing

Concomitant Healing works by healing the physical issues that are a result of the back log and the restrictions that emotional issues or physical issues cause that impact on the flow of energy through the nervous system.

What is Concomitant Healing?

It is a form of acupressure that focuses on the physical pain that we experience in the body.

What does it do?

It unblocks and/or increases the flow of energy throughout the body and releases the points of tension within the muscular structure.

How does it work?

A Concomitant Healer will place pressure on certain acupressure points along the body with the finger/thumb with a necessary degree of force to stimulate the flow of energy once more.

Concomitant Healing Pricing

Standard 1 hour – $90

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