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Practical Life Therapies
Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT]
You can use EFT to stimulate positive results in all areas of your life!

Practical life Therapies - Tapping (EFT)

"Medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, healers and many others around the world are implementing IT into their practice, and seeing results unlike any they've seen before. And perhaps most importantly, people just like YOU are learning this simple, easy to implement technique and transforming their lives!

What is IT? Tapping, otherwise known as "EFT", combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology to deliver astonishing results.

Whatever the challenge you're dealing with or area of your life you want to grow in, Tapping can help. It works on things from Pain Relief, to clearing limiting beliefs around money and abundance, to weight loss, to improving relationships, to fear and phobias, and much, much more.

‘Wayne Dyer uses IT. Louise Hay uses IT. Cheryl Richardson has been recommending IT for YEARS.
Dr. Oz is featuring IT on his TV show “exert 'The Tapping Solution.'

  • Experience first hand one of the most powerful tools to neutralize your negative emotions.
  • Collapse your resistance to change.
  • Understand blocks to self acceptance in all areas of your life.
Learn this easy self help technique by applying it to your issues and you will start to see positive improvement in all areas of your life.

Book in for a session NOW on 0412 789 878
with Marlene [advanced EFT practitioner] to discover just how much better you can feel with Tapping.

Phone sessions are available for this therapy.

Question: Why use a therapist when the information is available as a do-it-yourself programme?

Answer: Because a professional therapist, someone you can trust to talk to, who can understand what is important to you, can help you get to the CORE OF THE ISSUE, and QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY.

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