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Premier Medical Acupuncture

Billy He

142 Peel St
North Melbourne VIC 3051

Servicing area: Melbourne VIC

Premier Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Billy studied at China’s top medical schools and taught for 10 years in the main Chinese hospitals as well as in Australia.

Highly Qualified Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

About Dr. Billy He 

Dr. Billy is a highly qualified Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner who earned his Master's Degree in 2009. It took him nine years of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing’s University. 

His findings include both Chinese and Western medicine over the years as he was introduced to all medical fields. As a consequence, he is well-informed and scientifically trained in Chinese medicine for internal disorders such as depression, anxiety, dizziness, headache, asthma, and gastritis.

Dr. Billy has a particular interest in Pain Relief (neck, sciatica, migraine, arthritis, tennis elbow, back pain), dermatology (urticaria, eczema, lupus, vitiligo, melasma), men's medical well-being (premature ejaculation).

About Us 

Premier Medical Acupuncture combines acupuncture and natural remedies to stimulate a balanced state of the body and mind. 

Acupuncture provides the tools to maintain balance in regions of illness and disorder. This helps us to continue in line with our most optimistic and highest path–removing the strong, negative energies of anger, deceit, and anxiety. The effects are remarkable, with enduring wellness, strength and tranquillity.

The specialties cover pain management, women’s health, dermatology, reproductive health, colds, and flu treatment, digestive disorders, and emotional imbalances. We developed a tailor-made recovery plan to help every patient achieve their wellness goals and eventually preserve their good health. 

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Highly Qualified Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Practitioner