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Kym Robinson Psychosexual Therapy - Sex Therapy

Kym Robinson

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Many people experience problems with sex at some stage of their lives. Unfortunately, these problems don’t usually resolve on their own and psychosexual therapy is often a helpful option. You might be looking for a solution to work through a particular issue effecting your romantic relationship, improve communication or increase intimacy. Other people might be looking for more education or simply someone to talk to about their sex lives in a safe, confidential and supportive therapeutic environment. The good news is that you are not alone and that help is available.

Kym Robinson Psychosexual Therapy - Sex Therapy

Kym Robinson believes that everyone has a right to a happy and healthy sex life, and that sexuality and intimacy are an essential part of who we are as humans. She offers sex therapy to individuals and all types of couples in the Canberra area. Her passion is for providing her clients a safe and judgement free environment where her clients feel supported and welcome. Kym works confidently with many different concerns to help tailor a treatment plan to each individual client’s needs.

Clients who see Kym may be experiencing problems with low or mismatched libido, arousal or orgasm difficulties, erectile dysfunction, pain with intercourse, infertility, gender issues, or sexual orientation concerns. Clients may be single or in a relationship, and come from all different ages and cultural backgrounds.


Kym selectively utilizes techniques and therapeutic frameworks in an integrative approach which draws from cognitive behavioural therapy, solutions focused brief therapy and person centred perspectives to implement a professional counselling service unique for each client.

Kym began her career as a Registered Nurse (RN) and completed her bachelor of nursing at the University of Canberra. She combines more than 15 years’ experience working both locally and internationally with a Master’s of Science in Medicine (MScMed) in Sexual Health Counselling from the University of Sydney. Kym is a certified Psychosexual Therapist and member of the Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd (SAS) Kym adheres to the Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice. To find out more, go to All members must receive regular supervision to ensure their work is ethically conducted and must meet ongoing professional development criteria.

Kym uses her extensive experience to understand how a complex interplay of biological, psychological and social factors can contribute to sexual function and dysfunction. Her nursing background has given her a highly-developed understanding of health issues that may be contributing to her client’s concern, and she regularly works with other health professionals in sexual health education. Kym has experience in teaching sex education and STI prevention in high schools and with intellectual disability groups.

Psychosexual Therapy

What is Psychosexual Therapy?

Psychosexual therapy is another name for sex therapy but places value on the important role that thoughts and feelings have on sexual function. It is a specialized form of counselling that deals with problems primarily related to sex, sexual health and sexuality concerns. Unlike other health professionals, a psychosexual therapist has undergone extensive education and training in the field of human sexuality.

Please note that at no time is there any touching, nudity or explicit sexual acts undertaken during the counselling sessions. You will likely get an opportunity to do that for homework in the privacy of your own home!

Who can benefit from Psychosexual Therapy?

Problems relating to sex and sexuality are frequent and can happen to anyone. Psychosexual therapy can be beneficial to help resolve these issues and empower the client with useful skills, information and new ways of looking at their problem. Psychosexual therapy is not limited by relationship status, age, gender, orientation, religion, disability or cultural background.

What should I expect from a Psychosexual Therapy session?

The sessions are an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns in a safe and supportive environment. Kym will sensitively listen to your description of the problem and gather further information from you in order to assess the situation. This helps to identify any thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be contributing to the problem and ensures that any treatment plan will meet your individual needs.

It is likely that you will receive homework exercises to try between sessions but you will never be required to do anything you are uncomfortable with. Subsequent sessions are based on reviewing the progress made both during sessions and at home in order to meet your treatment goals.

How many Psychosexual Therapy sessions will I need?

This largely depends on your primary concern and your unique situation. Some clients will benefit from only 1 or 2 sessions while others may need 6 to 10. Still others seek longer term therapy or may opt for regular yearly check-ups.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

You do not need a referral to make an appointment, although if you already have one then bring it along to your first session.


Kym offers psychosexual therapy for individuals or couples who are experiencing difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Premature or Delayed Ejaculation

  • Vaginismus (inability or difficulty with vaginal penetration)

  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Low Sexual Desire or Sexual Aversion

  • Mismatched Libidos (wanting more or less sex than your partner)

  • Orgasm Difficulties

  • Reproductive Health concerns including Infertility

  • Sexuality and Aging

  • Sexuality and Chronic Disease or Illness

  • Sexuality and Disability

  • Living with HIV or STIs

  • Support with Gender Identity concerns

  • Sexual Orientation issues or Coming Out

  • Safe navigation of Online Dating

  • Relationship and communication concerns

  • Body Image and sexual self-esteem

  • Sexual Health Education

  • Other Sexual Health Concerns

If you are not sure if psychosexual therapy is right for you, please feel free to contact Kym here to discuss your enquiry.



Each client is offered an initial 15 minute telephone consultation, at no cost, to see if the psychosexual therapy services offered by Kym are suitable for your needs.

Fees and payments

Appointments are $120 per 50 minute session.

Discounted fees are available for holders of a healthcare card, concession card, or a pensioner card, and is charged at $100 per 50 minute session. Please bring your current card with you to your first appointment.

Clients can pay by credit card or cash, and payment is expected on the day of appointment. Tax invoices or receipts can be provided on request. Unfortunately, there are no Medicare rebates or GP Mental Health Care Plans available for these services. A rebate may be available through your private health insurance so please check with your provider to see if a claim can be made.


Telephone appointments are available for existing clients who wish to organise this in advance. Clients do not require a referral from their GP to make an appointment. However, if you do have one, please bring it to your first session.


A cancellation fee of 50% may be applied to appointments cancelled within 24 hours. If you need to cancel or change appointment time, please advise Kym as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made.

For all enquiries contact us today!

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