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Women's Health, Hypnotherapy & Relationship Counselling

Purely Mindful

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About Jo

Hi, my name is Jo and I am an idealist and a dreamer. I truly believe that people can be happy within themselves despite the challenges of their circumstances. I am no stranger to pain and loss and have used my personal experiences to seek answers to not only help myself through my own journey, but to be able to walk alongside others as they embark on their own adventures. Helping people is something I have been doing since I was very young, with my dad reminding me that I would have groups of girls sitting in a circle talking about things and moving forward. I have such a passion for helping people reach their potential through exploration, creativity and love. I am passionate about women’s health and helping women to overcome and work through challenges. We all have unharnessed power within ourselves to be able to create and achieve the life we want for ourselves. Having had my own challenges in life as a woman, I took a multimodal approach utilising the experience of many in the medical field and alternative therapies including hypnotherapy and coaching. The more I learnt in my own journey, the more I wanted to bring my knowledge and skills to the beautiful world of women. My resources and training will complement the awesome results that can be achieved through hypnotherapy and coaching.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Help and Support

Most relationships have their ups and downs and be impacted by the everyday changes we experience in our lives. Change in employment, children, family dynamics, illness, grief and loss and potentially just through the constant change that is life in which we evolve and grow.

Finding Balance in your Relationship

Finding balance in relationships between ourselves as individuals and together as a couple can be difficult.  Often we can feel isolated, stuck, frustrated and misunderstood.  This can impact the way in which we relate to those we care for leading to communication issues and conflict. I wonder if you can imagine what it might look like to have positive change in this area.  Counselling and hypnotherapy can help you explore, create and support the changes you would like to make.  We believe that together, you can create between you joy, harmony and a deep and growing sense of intimacy.

Couples and Family counselling

Relationship counselling can assist families and couples to come together in a non-judgemental environment to explore their individual and collective needs to bring about a unique and beautiful change in their personal worlds.


Being empowered, informed and calm is something that each person is entitled to have and experience. In an age where information is always available and where one can easily find stories about childbirth, it can be overwhelming and impact a person’s ability to be calm and positive. Jo is registered hypnobirthing practitioner with Hypnobirthing Australia and is committed to helping new parents to create a positive calm birthing experience. This program is comprehensive, working to prepare the mind and body to meet the newest addition in their lives. Circumstances surrounding the birthing experience are individual and this program creates the opportunity for parent’s to be calm, focused and positive, using the numerous techniques learned for unexpected situations as they happen. Hypnobirthing can help you and your birth partner feel empowered during your birthing celebration.

Hypnobirthing Techniques

At hypnobirthing classes you will develop your understanding of the birthing process by looking at positions of labour and birth, guided relaxation techniques, facial relaxation, surge breathing, relaxation breathing, visualisations and self-hypnosis. Women and their birth companions learn many skills during the course including changing the way one’s brain is wired to for the birthing experience and working with participants to develop and maintain a positive mindset.

Hypnobirthing Benefits

Hypnobirthing is an approach to enable participants to develop and maintain a calm confidence during the birthing process.  Essentially empowering women and their birth partners to use their own natural resources to create a more positive and comfortable experience of birthing. Whether you are having a natural delivery or caesarean delivery, you are able to have a positive experience where you feel empowered to remain calm as you prepare to meet your baby for the first time.

Hypnobirthing Classes

The best time for you to commence your hypnobirthing program is somewhere between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy to allow you time practice your newly learned techniques as well as enjoy the benefits of having a calm and positive mindset. The course encompasses four units which are covered in our two-day program. However, there is the option for an individual program should there be any difficulties if both people are unable to attend on the scheduled dates. For more information or to obtain a course outline of our program, please contact Jo on 0419 915 589 to discuss further.

Health Lifestyle Hypnotheraphy & Counselling

Positive changes in Health and Lifestyle

Are you happy with your current lifestyle? Perhaps you would like to make some changes in the daily aspects of your life. Health and well-being can encompass many areas from physical changes such as weight loss, exercise, hormone imbalances or smoking to emotional changes related to anxiety, depression insomnia, mood changes, motivation and procrastination to name a few. These are just a select number of aspects that may be impacting your lifestyle and stopping you from living the life you want to.

Women’s Health

At Purely Mindful, we have a special interest in Women’s Health, particularly around fertility, pregnancy, loss, hormones and all the issues that can be associated with these areas. Hypnotherapy and counselling has proven to be beneficial in bringing about the positive changes that each person desires.

Personalized Lifestyle Changes

Programs and interventions are targeted to the individual to ensure best outcomes are achieved and a caring and safe space to allow you to explore issues that are impacting your emotional and physical well-being.

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