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Ashati Energy Healing, Traditional Reiki, Quantum Reiki, Genome Healing


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Welcome to Methods of Healing Through  The Application of Soul, Mind and Consciousness

" Where Science and Spirituality Unite"

 Glimpse of privet Healing Room, amongst  the beautiful garden surounded by trees and plants. Photos attached please check it out renovation nearly done.

Looking forward to welcome you into peaceful healing paradise

will be ready for  face-to-face  sessions  by the 1st of February. 


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Ashati Energy Healing, Traditional Reiki, Quantum Reiki Healing , Genome Healing

Who am I?

"I am a Healer and Spiritual Warrior" 


(Melanie Koulouris describes Healers beautifully)

"Healers are Spiritual Warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears, like a Phoenix from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their darkness."

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn about me. My Earth name is Ramila. This is my 50th incarnation lifetime in Earth, most my past lives I did incarnate in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. In my previous past lives in the earth from my Akashic Record Readings, my theme of life is Warrior. In this lifetime I am still the warrior in heart and soul, but with different soul purpose. I am free-spirit and believer in goodness and greatness. The concept of Spirituality was something that, I was born and raised with, in a small village in Georgia.
I believe our names, places that we born, our beliefs and our jobs do not define us, what defines us is that, what we do and how we treat others. My Grandad uses to say if you can serve for good of all beings and the world, from a place of compassion and love that's is magical and healing power itself ( He was a wise soul...by the way my Grandad lived until he was 112 -years old and never took any medicine. Always healed himself with alternative healing method).
To tell you the truth I have had also my share of some pretty dark and painful times, and life traumas since my childhood, also in my adulthood with my relationships. I did not know why this chain of painful events keeps happening in my life. Until one day I booked myself a few Energy Healing Sessions with a beautiful soul, Reiki Healer who did help me, clear fear, anxiety energy blockages.
 A few months later I did had few Genome Healing session with amazing Master Healer and Teacher, who did help me to heal childhood traumas, relationship traumas, ancestral healing, repeating life-patterns, my inner child that was crying for help waking me up every night, and accumulated throughout my present and past life contracts now that was no longer serving my highest good. With Genome healing, I found my real self, my worthiness, belief in myself, also my life and soul purpose. And I am so ever grateful to these both amazing Healers.
Seeing all this wonderful miraculous healing happening within myself after a few sessions of Reiki Healing and Genome Healing, that's when I decided that this is it!!! After working in the Retail industry over 15-years, finally, I have found my passion my souls purpose, to help heal the others and including myself by becoming a Healer.
Of course in life there always will be challenges and ups and downs on the way, it is not because we deserve it, it's because there are lessons to be learned and it's because the reaction to some actions events that has happened in the present lifetime or we carried over from past lives that are now affecting our reality. "Remember every action soon or later has Reaction" but what we do with it and how we react to it matters.
Becoming aware of how we perceive reality, how we influence it, and the true nature of our physical life experience allows us to gain a perspective that puts us in the driver's seat and empowers us to start making deep and lasting changes in our lives. Best solution is to not ignore (by saying or thinking yeah, it's nothing it will go away) believe me it does not go away... I am talking from my own experience... more you ignore it, more it becomes, it will affect other parts of your body and also different areas of your life.
It's best is to acknowledging whatever is the problem of trauma is, and finding a solution, so that you can function in optimal level, mentally, physically, emotionally. "Because you deserve better Health, Wealth, Happiness and much more great and good because it's your Birthright.
"Healing does not mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives"

Healing with Asahati Healing System and how does it work?

Everything within our universe is made up of energy, including our own physical body, thoughts and emotions. Ashati is a unique process that naturally helps to trigger the start and speeds up deep emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing.

Healing with Ashati system will help you let go of false limitations or restrictive influences and clear and heal your energy, body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit and connect you to higher levels within your consciousness, and much more. 

This process will enable you to go back the true essence of who you are and releases of what is not truly you. It will help you release energetic blockages, repressed emotions, past-life traumas, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, self-imposed limitations and suffering. And also will help you to feel happier and more peaceful within your self as a result.

Treatments and Benefits of the Ashati System 

  • Will work directly on clearing, healing, and balancing the Lower mental body and it's associated with main chakra, the solar plexus. This will therefore help to transform dissipate darker mental energies, often linked to confusion, negative thoughts or associated with unpleasant emotions and indirectly on the etheric/physical bodies, also helps with past-life and chakra healing.
  • This healing process is safe, non-invasive use of natural energies, often from higher dimensions and nature, to assist and boost the self-healing of a person on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels also helps to balance Chakra systems. Also helps provide deep relaxation and healing on the physical level by realising unnecessary energies and energetic blockages within the soul body. Some physical imbalances may only be released and healed by working directly within the soul body first, and most likely from past- lives.
  • Asahti system enables to practitioner feel and sees chakras, energy bodies, mental walls, blockages, fears, repressed emotions, unhealthy relationship cords and much more.

As you can see the Ashati system is a combination of amazing energy systems that are very powerful. It's a unique and revolutionary system that will naturally start and speed profound emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical healing and much more.

What is Quantum Reiki?

Quantum means "how great." In Quantum Healing practitioner align the personal conscious mind with the superconscious soul and enrol the subconscious mind in participating for the highest good. Your highest god gift to the planet.

While traditional psychology addresses individual problems and may help to solve issues at one level. Energy Medicine and Transpersonal Therapies like Quantum Healing address the many relationships and atonement that encourage knowing who we are. Precise treating imbalances from within subconscious level, by using powerful healing life keys, healing frequencies so that, sense of reprogramming is achieved.

Quantum Reiki highly effective and also highly intuitive process. Also promotes healing by enhancing energy flow human magnetic field or (aura) which improves the energy flow and support self-healing capability of the body.

Quantum Healing can be very validating and rewarding for individuals who spiritually oriented, who seek natural methods of self-care Healing at the cellular level.

After Quantum Energy session you may feel significant shifts in Mind, Body, and Spirit also you may feel a reduction or elimination of your symptom sense of love, acceptance and letting go what does not serve your higher self.

The Benefits of the Quantum Energy

  • Dissolves anger, depression
  • Eliminates fear, anxiety
  • Heals deep repressed emotional trauma
  • Heals physical pain
  • Fatigue
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Improves Relationship
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Reconnects to Divine Source
  • And heals many more Physical, Mental and spiritual issues and much more

Embodying Organs with Genome Healing

Everything is information, nature of the disease or dysfunction of any organ the basic understanding is that we are only working with Information. The organ does not function optimally because the information within it is out of alignment with Creator's Norm Bluprint. 

When we go into organs we find underneath all expressions of anger, resentment and frustration there is always hurt and sadness too. Underneath of sadness there always hopelessness and emptiness. And when a person becomes angry he or she projects anger hurt outwards, blaming someone else for the pain he or she is feeling.

When we also go deep enough we always find the bottom line " flight" response I don't want to deal with it or I don't want to be here because it hurts. When a part of the person does not want to be here, the cells go about fulfilling wishes of the organ, by saying" you wish my command" and becoming diseased. When we healing a person's organ, we don't need to deal with anger, the root cause of the problem, and when and where started. 

We also do not stir old traumas. We simply delete the old information as we delete spam messages from our mailbox. Once we delete the information that contains within the particular organ that is a not part of the Norm Blueprint... That's when miracles and magic begin to happen, the problem underneath will be removed. In the same way as a stack of blocks is dismantled when we pull out one at the bottom.
When we embody our organs and allow them to speak, we get out of our heads and into our bodies, this where the true experience of healing happens. Honouring our bodies is the beginning of truly loving ourselves. Isn't the first step in loving anyone being present with them and hearing what they have to say? Well, the same approach applies to your Organs " your organs love to be given attention and be heard." Like yourself.

Every organ and system of our bodies has a blueprint of optimal functioning or what we call "The Creator's Norm Bluprint". The human body was created by the Creator to be self-regulating, self-renewing and self-regenerating indefinitely. It was not designed to have use-by-date.

Treatments and Benefits of the Genome Healing

  • Healing Chakras with help of a transformer
  • Healing Life Traumas
  • Healing Childhood traumas
  • Healing Emotional Traumas
  • Healing Physical pains
  • Healing Feminine and Masculine Energy in each organ and in Chakras
  • Bring harmony between the Chakra system
  • Clearing Entities
  • Cleansing  physical Body  and Auric Field
  • Resolving of Past, Present and Future Events
  • Healing Entire Lineage
  • Healing Origin of Conditions in Ancestral Lineage
  • Working and Healing area of Concern
  • Healing Relationships with Parents
  • Healing Relationships with Family Members
  • Healing Inner Child
  • Clearing Curses Taken on From Others
  • Clearing Contracts, Vows, Promises and Oaths
  • Healing DNA/Stem Cells
  • Surrogating for your Children to resolve their Problems and Life Traumas
  • Point:(lack of co-operation between the family of chakras can create disharmony, imbalance and confusion within the body). If there is a lack of love communication between the male and female aspects of our organs and cells, there will be imbalance and dysfunction that can lead to sickness and disease.


The Human Body is a communications device, perceiving the thoughts, feelings, and images in the Mind and sending information back to source through the Heart. The most immediate and intimate our physical life experience is the Body, and that is where the energy of the Heart has the greatest influence and impact.

The Body Mind Spirit Connection happens when you connect to your Heart. Your Heart is also the "Seat of Your Soul".

Your Body Spirit and Soul work together to create your physical life experience. Healing Relationships between Body, Mind, and Spirt can create a life experience that can be a blessing to you and others in your life.

Qualification details

Ashati Institute: Certificate Energy Healer and Training

Completed: Ashati 1/ Asahti 2/ Alsemia 1/ Alsemia 2/ Reiki 1/ Reiki 2/ Seichem1/ Seichem 2/  Healing order of the Golden Dragon.

Quantum Reiki Master Healer Certification course trained by Ascended Master Antojai Msc.D Instructor

Genome Healing Practitioner, Master Certification course trained by Director and Founder Carol Roberts

DNA/Stem Cell Healing.


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Ashati Energy Healing, Traditional Reiki, Quantum Reiki, Genome Healing