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Raw Holistic Fitness

Sam Jenkins

Byron Bay NSW 2481

Raw Holistic Fitness

Raw Holistic Fitness


Raw Holistic Fitness was started by qualified personal trainer and wellness coach Sam Jenkins to reach out to anyone seeking a holistic approach that focuses equally on their health, fitness and well-being through integrating an active and balanced lifestyle.

It is a place of encouragement and support where together we work towards building your dream life and becoming your best and happiest self through the use of both wellness coaching and personal training programs. We work towards creating a harmonious lifestyle that includes eating healthy delicious food, building a strong and fit body, creating loving and healthy relationships, connecting to a deeper sense of self, building a strong and positive mindset and everything that falls under the umbrella of fighting self-hate and finding self-love.

As a personal trainer and wellness coach, Sam is a strong believer, that physical changes start with changes of the mind. She understands and recognises the importance of releasing past emotional burdens and resetting personal belief systems, that can hold us back from our full potential. She addresses all composing aspects of wellbeing in order to assist her clients in introducing positive and effective habits into their training and daily routine, allowing them to sustain a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

She believes that it is in these small changes that the biggest transformations can occur, guiding her clients through change and growth without pressure or judgement.


Personal Training

1-on-1, partner and small group sessions

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Personalised program and 24/7 support from your online coach

Life Coaching

In person, on the phone or online coaching sessions

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