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Bridging the gap between injury and fitness.

Reactivate Function

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Are you injured?

We are here to help you today!

We believe all Australian’s should live fully functional lives, pain free. 

This is why after recognizing a gap in the rehabilitation process, Luke Armstrong (Director and creator of Reactivate Function) designed a 3-step process to bridge the gap between injury and fitness. 

Let us help you live life to the fullest, injury free. 

Luke Armstrong | Return to Exercise Specialist

Luke is the creator and director of Reactivate Function. He belives all Australians should return to exercise without fear or hesitation.

To complement his current qualifications, Luke is studying a bachelor of occupational therapy (BOccThy). His special interests are in assisting clients with lower extremity injury, such as non-specific lower back pain.


  • Bachelor of occupational therapy (BOccThy) | Currently Studying

  • Diploma of Fitness

  • Neural Dynamic Screening (NDS)

  • NeuroHAB Therapist

  • Accredited Ph360 Health Practitioner

  • Level 2 Sports/Power Olympic Weightlifting Coach


  • Non-Specific Lower Back Pain Rehabilitation

  • Return to Exercise

  • Neural Dynamic Screening

  • Epigenetics programming for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle


  • Speaker at the 2017 RM Physiotherapy Conference

  • Assisted over 400 clients to return to exercise

  • Opened first Return To Exercise clinic (2016)

  • Louise Saragossi | 25kg weight loss after 3 knee replacements

  • Royal Australian Air Force (2010-2015)

Return to Exercise

Who needs a Return to Exercise Specialist?

​Are you:

  • ​Post physiotherapy?

  • Previous injury with hesitation to begin exercising/ complex movement again?

  • Injury due to movement dysfunction?

  • Plateau in training or rehabilitation?

  • You don’t “feel” like you are performing exercise “right”?

​If so, we are here to help...

​Initial Consultation (90 Minutes)

A thorough whole body screen that looks at:

  • ​Nerve gliding,

  • Muscle knots,

  • Muscle lengths,

  • Muscle recruitment,

  • Muscle weakness,

  • Patterns of movement,

  • Range of movement,

  • Functional tests,

  • Plus thoughts feelings, and emotions.

You will receive homework and a summary email detailing what we have found.

This will allow you to start correcting imbalances and gaining independence of your own training again - leading to increased confidence in exercise.

​Review Consultation (30 minutes)

​This is either a 2 or 4 week review of your RTE program + re-assessment to record the changes the program has or hasn’t made.

Clients by this stage are generally:

  • Returning to movements they once loved (Squats, deadlifts, running etc)

  • Have a detailed understanding of their dysfunctions and limitations

  • Understand what is required to maintain their body injury free

  • Feel confident about the road ahead

​Tune up's (30 minutes)

​Tune up's are designed to ensure you avoid re-injury.

We generally advice clients should book tune up sessions every 4-6 weeks with their RTEs.

NeuroHAB - Back Pain Course

The back pain FIX:

​The Functional Movement Training Centre offers a distinctly unique Motor Pattern and Movement Deficiency restoration system through Central Nervous System Rehabilitation – NeuroHAB©.

The primary focus of the program is to definitively improve low back pain symptoms by arresting the root cause of back pain. Focusing on symptoms alone with the multitude of existing common approaches such pain medication, massage, deep tissue release, core strengthening, acupuncture, exercise and even surgery may arrest problems temporarily but logically without reversal of the underlying cause, back pain symptoms will invariably reoccur.

​Patient selection for the program is by Dr David Johnson, brain and spinal neurosurgeon. Dr Johnson holds coaching qualifications in Functional Movement and Olympic Weightlifting. It was through the application of this synergistic knowledge and the realisation that healthy movement in our society is so profoundly deficient and yet intricately foundational to a healthy spine that Functional Movement and NeuroHAB© Training developed.

The practical focus and essence of the program is to develop and retrain patient’s dysfunctional spinal, pelvic and hip movement which is the dominating cause of low back pain. By acquiring skillful coordinated movement patterns of the lumbo-pelvic spine through the application of the Functional Movement Training Centre program, secondary benefits of flexibility and power in the posterior kinetic chain and spinal core stabiliser muscles will ensue.

This further optimises functional capacity, important for injured workers and grandparents alike. No matter who we are or what we do, our motor patterns and points of performance for bending and lifting should be preserved in order to prevent the development of suffering from low back pain, widely prevalent in our modern society.

There is a distinct void of this form of specifically skilled labour intensive, one on one and time consuming movement coaching in the field of spine rehabilitation services. After many years of working in the field of spinal surgery and low back pain management City To Coast Neurosurgery and the Functional Movement Training Centre is able to offer this program which includes thorough clinical spinal assessment and imaging to anyone suffering from low back pain.

​Since inception in March 2015, the program has had over whelming success treating nearly 500 low back pain patients, many of whom had failed numerous other modalities of treatment for many years.

The Functional Movement Training Centre headquarters is located in Brisbane. The program is suitable for appropriately selected surgical and non-surgical patients. The full training program includes two x 1hour coaching sessions per week for an 8 week duration.

​Reactivate Function is delighted to work along side the Functional Movement Training Centre and facilitates regular courses out of Brisbane CBD.

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