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REBALANCE - Your Centre of Health
Working in the industry since 1993 my clinic offers

Myotherapy, Massage therapies, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Naturopathy and more.

REBALANCE - Your Centre of Health

Welcome to REBALANCE - Your Centre of Health

I have been working with natural therapies since 1993. I own and operate a holistic practice offering fully qualified male and female Practitioners practicing modalities such as Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy and more.



I have been working for over 20 years specialising in the treatment of pain and Injury using a unique form of Myotherapy (muscle therapy) called SLM Bodywork . I often get results when others have failed or everyone else has given up.

Penny also joined me in 2008 after completing her 2 year TAFE Diploma and studying Myotherapy (SLM) with SLM Bodywork founder Steve Lockhart.
"After spending over a week in hospital being unable to move due to my back, I was hesitant to let just anyone work on my back. Having never heard of myotherapy, I took my business associates very strong recommendation to see Jeremy, and his work has been outstanding. Within a reasonable period of time he expertly returned me to full strength. I find Jeremy very professional and his superior knowledge of the body and back related problems has been exceptional."
Reika Roberts, Managing Director, Pier Auge Australia

Myotherapy (SLM Bodywork) is much more than another form of Remedial massage it is a powerful combination of techniques and knowledge that helps rid the body of pain and injury.

"SLM therapy treatment with Jeremy has given me life literally! Before Jeremy’s treatment I was constantly in pain in my lower back and neck; since I have started treatment it has kept me in balance, loose and free of pain. I regularly see Jeremy out of choice so that I can continue to feel this good and he helps make sure my bad habits are turned into good ones. The best thing I have done for my body and overall health is see Jeremy Lockhart for SLM treatment, the second best thing was to get a personal trainer (which Jeremy could recommend to work with my treatment)."
M.Baker Lane Cove NSW.

When I treat pain and injury I take a different approach to many of the other therapies that are available. Unlike many others that focus on the site of the pain or work on the body in pieces I use a holistic approach by focusing on not just the site of the pain but also the whole body. I work by continually moving around the body and coming back to areas as I deem necessary. Working this way ensures a lasting result and overall feeling of wellbeing.

"A back injury I suffered moving house two years ago left me in constant pain, and eventually affected not only my back but also my shoulders and chest muscles. After 19 chiropractor and several physio sessions I gave up hoping that my back would ever feel good again. However, after only three sessions with Jeremy Lockhart, for the first time in two years I can lie down without feeling crooked, and am pain free. Amazing..."
Penny Millburn, West Pymble, Sydney

Because i operate a very busy clinic i will not waste your time by getting you coming back if I am unable to help you, rather I will make other suggestions. My goal is to get you feeling better and offer you a solution to your problem. Most health funds offer a rebate on the cost of my services.

"After playing ten years of Professional Football in the United States my back and body have been in severe pain. A close friend of mine recommended me to Jeremy Lockhart and after six months of treatment, once a month, I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life.
I can strongly recommend his treatment which is unique to anything that I have had before.
There is nothing worse than starting the day with back pain and I thank Jeremy. Because every morning now I wake up pain free, Life is good, and Jeremy is a genius. ”

Colin Scotts, former NFL Pro Footballer.



My work has seen me work with people of all ages from toddlers to persons in their 80s. I have worked with everyday people as well as elite athletes. I toured with the Wallabies in 2002 as part of their medical team and have also worked with Olympic medallists. Many of the people I treat are people that other therapists have given up on as they have not been able to provide a lasting solution to their problem.

"Jeremy, Thanks for keeping us balanced"
Bo Hansen (4 times Olympian), Geoff and James Stewart,
Ben Dodwell Australian Coxless Four Medalists 2000 Olympics.

Cathy Ma

Naturopathy and Nutrition.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness that aims to restore your body back to optimal health through the use of various modalities such as Herbs, Nutrition and Lifestyle changes. It focuses on supporting the whole health of the person and seeks to address the cause of your health concern, not just the symptoms.

Naturopathy can help support various health complaints including (but not limited to);

* Auto Immune disease.
* Depression and mood disorders.
* Digestive complaints such as reflex, bloating, flatulence and IBS.
* Fatigue
* Poor immune health.
* Skin complaints: eczema, acne and dermatitis.
* Sleep disorders.
* Stress and anxiety.
* Weight loss.
* Womens health: PMT, PCOS, menopause.

An initial consultation with Cathy takes approximately 1 hour where all areas of health, medical history, diet and lifestyle habits are discussed. An appropriate treatment plan is then devised to help get you on the path to optimum health.
During follow up consultations Cathy will take note of any changes to your health, help you to address any obstacles you may be experiencing and if required, discuss further treatment strategies.

For further enquires contact Cathy on 0426 240 136 /


Most health funds offer a rebate on the cost of my services and many of the other Practitioners working in my clinic.


I am often hard to catch as I am busy working on clients but a message can be left for me on my mobile 0400 600035 or you can drop me an email at and I will get back to you promptly.

If you are interested in one of the other therapies on offer at my clinic please call the relevant practitioner directly on their mobile.


Visit our Website or contact me by phone or email.

The Practitioners listed on this page are sole Practitioner and not an employee, contractor or the like of Rebalance Your Centre of Health, Jeremy Lockhart or related entities.
Rebalance Your Centre of Health, Jeremy Lockhart and related entities will not be held liable under any circumstances whatsoever in regards to the consequences of treatment given by this Practitioner.

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Science Honours 1994
Steve Lockhart Myotherapy (SLM) Certified Gold Practitioner 1996
SLM Teacher
Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Founding President of the SLM Practitioners Assocaition Inc 1996
Specialities lecturer at Randwick TAFE 2003-2010

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