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The colours you choose reflects your beings needs.

Rebalance Mind Body Spirit - Aura-Soma Therapy

Aura-Soma is a unique Colour Therapy system comprised of colour and light. Created by Vicky Wall. Aura-Soma is a soul therapy system which is non-intrusive and self-selective. It contains the energies of the plant, mineral, and essential oil kingdom. Colour is the key to linking the power of the vibratory energies of Aura-Soma's living energies. Through the colours you will discover that Aura-Soma is a vibrant, evolving colour therapy system that assists in opening the door to the transformation of consciousness. Colour has its own language and working with the Aura-Soma combinations on and around your body helps you to access deep levels of understanding and is therapy for your soul. Reconnect with your inner self! Aura Soma is a type of colour therapy that will help you reconnect with the real you, find your inner beauty, your gifts and the purpose of your life’s journey.

For more information about my Aura-Soma Therapy or to organise an appointment - just give me a call!

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