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Rebecca Della-Franca Massage Therapy

Rebecca Della-Franca

Roseville NSW 2069

Servicing area: Located in Roseville. Servicing Upper North Shore Area.

Rebecca Della-Franca Massage Therapy

Two specialised massage treatments for women that have a range of health benefits.  

Rebecca Della-Franca Therapy - Ka Huna & Pregnancy Massage

Ka Huna Massage - For Women

Ka Huna massage is a healing and therapeutic massage based on teachings of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas (healers). Focusing on the rhythm and breath in a Tai Chi flowing style, while using the forearms, arms, and elbows. This style of massage is heart felt and flowing, allowing the body to fully let go.

Pregnancy Massage

A deeply nurturing massage which will help to support the body adjust to all the stages of pregnancy. Providing relief to those pains and aches in your constantly changing body. Available from your first trimester, a must for all soon to be mums.

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