Rebecca Privilege

Rebecca Privilege

23 Berryessa Park way
Secret Harbour WA 6000

Servicing area: Secret Harbour and elsewhere by appointment and Skype

Focus area: Telehealth

Energy healing and crystal healing treatments are suitable for all individuals.

Rebecca Privilege Integrative Wellness - Energy Medicine & Crystal Healing


Energy Medicine

An Energy Healing sessions is based on different techniques that I have come across and learnt throughout my entire journey. It can incorporate channelled guidance as well as intuitively reading your emotional, mental and physical health layers in your energy body. The desired outcome is to promote a harmonised and clear energy around you, balance and an insight as to how things are going around you.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Therapy is an amazing way to discover and identify some deeply held issues, whether consciously or subconsciously, to help you transform negative behaviours or patterns.

A session entails you choose, if you feel the need to, 10 crystals which I then lay on your body according to where my intuition guides me. I will then connect you to these carefully chosen crystals. This will provide you with feelings of warmth and/or you may feel a gentle yet powerful sense of vibration from the crystals.

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