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Corporate Massage Service across Perth

Recharge Bodywork - Corporate Massage

Keep your team performing at their best by looking after them and rewarding them with workplace seated massages.  A corporate massage program, as part of a workplace wellness program or staff incentive can benefit your organisation in many ways.


Benefits to your organisation

  • Increases productivity and motivation
  • Boosts staff morale and job satisfaction
  • Reduces workplace stress and promotes work-life balance
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Become an employer of choice

Health benefits to your staff

Research shows that just 15 minutes of seated massage can decrease stress levels and can significantly increase alertness, focus and productivity in the workplace.

  • Relieves muscular tension and pain
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Calms the nervous system, improves circulation and reduces blood pressure
  • Increases mobility, flexibility and posture
  • Helps relieve stress injuries and conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Helps the body release its natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals so the receiver feels happier

How the corporate massage works

The seated massage session is usually held in a quiet location such a small meeting room.

  • The employee rests on a comfortable massage chair
  • No oils are used and the employee remains clothed
  • Sessions typically vary between 5 and 20 minutes (15 minutes being the most popular)
  • Relaxing music and aromatherapy are provided

Corporate massages can also be done on a massage table. Alternatively, roving massages can also be held at the staff’s workstation (these sessions are typically 5-15 minutes).


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