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Michele Tardini

Recharge Life - Bioresonance

Elwood VIC 3184

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Bioresonance European Protocal & EMF Safe Solutions

Recharge Life - Bioresonance

Servicing area

Inner City. Malvern, Elwood, Bayside, Sth Eastern Suburbs

Focus areas

Skin care Heavy metals Changing habits Stress management Facial Lifestyle


                 with Michele Tardini

The 3 Tier

  Healthy Living Program 

Malvern - Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm

Elwood - Tues -Wed 1.00pm - 5.00pm

(By Appointment Only)

Phone: 0402 303 899


19,000 highly qualified medical practitioners and therapists use the Bicom protocol worldwide.

Over 2,000, 000 patients have used this method and we are excited that we is able to offer the method here in Melbourne.  

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Mind • Body • Environment

We are motivated to help you step over the line towards health and over come your out of balance mind, body and environmental issues. Our 3 Tier Healthy Living Program is the answer as it is not one dimentional.

We approach your current health in a different way to help you reach your goals.

Many people are eating healthy foods and doing what they think is an ok habit but their health is suffering, why?

Our 3 Tier Approach

Mind Balance - Combining emotional release methods


We use the latest method to unlock your emotional blockages that have been trapped and stopping you from moving toward health.  We help with lifestyle changes to reduce your strained emotional reactions  and people triggers which change your mood and create inflammation  and illness symptoms like allergies.

Body Balance - Frequency method using Bioresonance


The European Bioresonance solutions unblock years of overburden in your body called Toxic Body Load which create strain in our body. By unlocking the strains the body can heal itself, it is called self regulation.  This self regulation is often blocked and the Bicom method creates a pathway to rebalance the dis harmonious frequencies which can create inflammation, various symptoms or illness.

We combine the method with special take home treatments from Qualified practioners from Botanica Medicines.  The full dispensary only stocks the highest grade products and skin care products. We can combine our treatment with anti aging facial treatment.

Environmental Balance - Combining testing and solutions for   your work and home using technical scientific devices.


 We discuss your living conditioins and lifestyle and if any part of your house is causing a disturbance to your balance or electro-sensitivity and  we can suggest changes or solutions.

If required an assessment of EMFs, water, mould or air pollution testing  to access your home/ environment for environmental stressors can be done.  All tests are through certified labs and qualified remedial assessors. 

Our Eco Health Architect and our Eco Builder and Green Electrician can help you create a healing house if required.

Not every person needs a house reno, but some people may need to change where their bed is located or even what it is made of .


One simple change occured when a lady called about terrible headaches, we assessed her house and her bed was centimeters from the electrical box and she was sleeping on a memory foam mattress which was giving her allergy reactions due to the chemicals it was made from.  Most people do not really think a bout the fact that a foam mattress is made of petrochemicals. Eight  hours of breathing in off gassing can create an allergy for a person with a toxic body load.

What toxins are in your environment, what are you willing to change for your health? That same women refused to move the bed from that location, where as another customer Sarah can testify that moving her bed changed her health with an immediate reaction.  She thought she would have to move house but she just needed to move her bed to the opposite wall.


Fee Schedule Adult

(Payment at the time of appointment)

  • Initial consult $180 (2 hours)
  • 2nd consult $150 
  • All other consults $97
   Mebourne the  Allergic capitol of the world and here is a quote to prove it. 

Unfortunately Australia does appear to be the food allergy capital of the world with Melbourne leading the way,” explains Professor Katie Allen, of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Victoria.

Sick Building Syndrome

Water Testing (heavy metals) available

Soil testing for Vegg garden POA

EMF Testing only  POA 

Full House Testing for Sick Building Syndrome from $700.00 (Melb Metro)

Tesla Gold  EMF Harmoniser $750.00, does 30 metres

EMF Shielding for: New Builds, renos, geopathic stress, inverters and smart meter 

Certified GREEN A Grade Electrician
to tend to all your EMF needs 
A Eco Builder in every state of Australia
Call   0402303899 for a 15 mins free chat

Michele Tardini

(BA Comm/ Psych RMIT 1983, Bioresonance Therapy  Adelaide 2007)

Michele has trained in many areas of mind, body and environmental balancing which raise strains to the body which manifest in many symptoms.

In Europe the frequency methods combine what is going on in your home or work place which is called Building Biology. How can you not take this into consideration?

Her bible books she encourages people to read are many but 'Healthy Home Healthy Family' from the Australian College of Environmental Studies ( written by Nicole Bijlsma PhD canidate) is a must. 

Books on caring for your liver, kidney spleen, gall bladder by Sandra Cabot are basic and simple to understand and keep you on track.

Michele tests houses and work places for the overload of EMFs  surrounding electricity, microwave frequencies, high and low frequencies, smart metres & new technologies from Mobile phones.

Michele has been guiding people in areas of wellness and life changing habits for the past 25 years and testing the Building Biology and environment as it has been shown it may cause disharmony from Sick Building Syndrome or Geomancy. E.G The ABC building in Melbourne which had a cancer cluster.

Other tests includes assessing houses for inappropriate placement of emfs in houses, new builds and the geopathic stress.

Michele's interest in non toxic living has her promoting her protocols and guests appearances at many expos, seminars and workshops

Sienna T 

BA Architecture, Masters of Architecure 

Sienna  has been working at a global sustainability Architecture firm for several years . Her interest is in homes/office space that heal and she has a passion for materials that are natural and non toxic.

Sienna can also give talks on designing your home or reno for  preventing certain allergies, sickness and mould prevention and for children on the spectrum.  A regular house design just does not work for these children. The 7 star home locks in the toxins and has no air flow which causes many health issues

As a guest speaker Sienna is  motivational and can talk at Mothers groups, council worshops,  or events.

Sienna is also an Instagram Influencer for Body Positivity for Plus size young women.... sienna_amore a  power house for getting motivated, setting goals and achieveing them and a great influencer for change. 

  • BA Architecture ( Monash Uni 2017)
  • Masters of Architecture ( Melb Uni 2020)
  • How to build a Hemp House (Victoria 2015)
  • Geopathic & EMF Tester ( Melbourne 2013)
  • Certificate in Permaculture - Milkwood (NSW 2014)
  • Building Biology Workshop  (New Zealand 2016)






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