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Healing Fear Reiki ...
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Theresa is a Level 3, Reiki Practioner/Intuitive Healer with over 15 years experience and loves hearing her clients feedback on how the energy healing sessions have helped re-energise, shift old patterns emotions/trauma & open up to higher vibrational frequencies - some outcomes have been attracting a new job, relationships, more aligned opportunities & positive experiences, clarity etc.  Here to facilitate a nurtured healing space for you to reconnect with your true purpose!




Reiki is a gentle energetic healing modality, that is now being used in some parts of the world in hospitals alongside cancer and other chronic disease treatment plans. 

Now more then ever you may be feeling fearful, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed etc in your mind & body (big energy shifts are happening), a reiki sessions can help with this, don't try to figure it out mentally it is on an energetic level, just come with an open mind & the rest will unfold for your highest good...

What happens during a session?

You lay fully clothed & have gentle hand placement on or above areas that require energy recharge/release (chakras). You may feel a little heat, tingling, deep relaxation etc during the treatment.

Reiki supports your specific path at the time and can bring renewed energy/hope to create new ways of being and seeing things, like magic :)

What are you waiting for, give me a call :)

Love & light & all things bright!


Qualification details

Reiki Practioner - Third Degree - Seven Orignal Levels Chakra Advanced healing Bars Practitioner (Access Consciousness)

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