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Redcliffe Family Osteopathy

Dominic You

1 Fortune St
Scarborough QLD 4020

Redcliffe Family Osteopathy
Redcliffe Family Osteopathy provides an extensive range of osteopathic treatments including structural and cranial osteopathy, and dry needling to suit individuals from newborn babies to the elderly.


Osteopathy is a form of hands-on therapy which primarily focuses on the treatment of your musculoskeletal (muscles,joints,fascia,ligaments) system, organs and central nervous system.

American physician Dr Andrew Taylor Still first develop-
ed osteopathy in 1874 as an alternative to the predominately drug-based allopathic medicine. It is the original modern-day manual medicine, from which most other forms have evolved.

Osteopathy is unique from other forms of manual medicine in its approach to diagnosis and treatment. It considers whole body as a unit and places emphasis on effective and efficient movements of all body tissues and structures, which contribute to health by enhancing the bodies self-repair mechanisms.

When movement is restored, communication between parts is more efficient, fluid circulation and drainage improve, irritating signals are reduced and the body's homeostatic and immune mechanisms can operate more efficiently, thus restoring health and better function.

Osteopathy benefits all, as it is a way of keeping healthy, pain free and improved joint and muscular function, better posture, higher resistance to disease and a more comfortable pregnancy , thus adding to your quality of life.

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