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Red Suva Natural Therapies

Juanita Emmerton

60 Kingfisher St
Albany Creek QLD 4035

Servicing area: Brisbane Northern Suburbs

Red Suva Natural Therapies
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About Red Suva Natural Therapies

Welcome to Red Suva Natural Therapies

About Juanita

I began my healing journey not fully understanding 100% where I was headed or who I really wanted to become, but rather looking to make a real difference in the world that has been slowly taken over by Big Pharma. I made a vow to be authentic in my journey and heal in accordance with how I believe people and life should be treated. There is no singular path to healing and health, there is a collective approach integrating a range of ancient methods and principles with the very latest medical research to assist and to heal.

I will customise the approach that I utilise in relation to the specific needs of the client, not to the latest products or trends, so if you have been searching for a unique approach to getting back to living optimally, then I am the right person for you!

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification Details

BHSc Naturopathy DIP HM DIP NUT
Reiki Master
Metabolic Balance Practitioner
Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioner

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