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Member since
Mar 2015

Regin Le Faye - Psychic Medium Online

Contact Name Regin Le Faye
Phone 1300 195 214


About Me

Regin is extremely gifted and is an internationally renowned medium empath with her ability to attune her vibration to the souls of people who have crossed over as well as the Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and beings of light from the unmanifested world.

Regin Le Faye is an indigo child born on the 11/11 at 11am, the gate way to the spirit world! She is extremely accurate and honest with her direct link.

Regin has worked as a medium in New Zealand, Sydney, America and spent many years teaching spiritual workshops for Warner Brothers Hotels in the United Kingdom. She had a regular spot on the BBC radio station in London doing live readings to millions of listeners and worked for Psychic Sisters in Selfridges London reading for their elite clientele. Regin has a profound connection to the divine and is a world respected healer. She is a medical intuitive and works on a level of encoded DNA to manipulate energy and is a master in Metaphysics.

Regin is totally dedicated in helping in the evolution of the soul to help you find your way to the abundance of love, joy and happiness that you deserve everyday of your life! She is a expert in relationship guidence and counselling. Born as an empath, her intution and sensitivity has had her in demand in many parts of the world!


  • Mediumship readings - divinely channeled accurate reading of the past, present and future
  • Psychic readings - clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairaudience, claircognizance
  • Spiritual healing - working with your DNA to remove trauma & manipulating energy frequency's
  • Spiritual Counselling - working deeply with the soul path and continual removal of past patterning
  • Metaphysical studies - law of attraction development and awareness & conscious creation

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