Reiki Empowerment

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REIKI TREATMENTS for HEALING - anxiety depression, stress including physical & emotional pain. FREE OFFER!

Experience & Enjoy a first hand introduction 30min Reiki Chakra Balance Treatment value $75
Bookings Upon Request Only!

Uplift Your Energy!

Distant Reiki Healing Upon Request 

Private & Online training classes available


  • Reiki healing energy is within it's simplicity.
  • It is universal energy ... no more, no less.
  • It is simple in it's theory & practice.
  • It is infinite in it's healing potential.


Has its origins in India and in ancient Tibet. Once aligned through the gentle Attunement formula of Reiki Degree 1 you can experience deeper relaxation, peace, vitality, health, wellbeing and greater self esteem. A natural and gentle form of Self Healing touch-activated 'hands on' therapy that simply flows from your hands for directing and applying Universal Energy. It Balances your enitre body including all of your energy centers (chakras) and 'meridians' throughout the body.

Reiki energy restores vital life force energy which can become depleted through emotional and mental stress helping you to become more clearer, focused, balanced, grounded and being more present.


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Reiki Practitioner 1994 & Seventh Degree Grand Master Teacher 2000

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Reiki Empowerment

Reiki Empowerment