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Animal Therapy
Member since
Apr 2018

Reiki Animal Healing

Mobile 0414 314 438
Servicing Areas Brisbane & Gold Coast

“ There is hope for sick and injured animals when vet care fails or is too expensive. Your pets don't have to suffer or be euthanased!”

— Barbara Jackson

Reiki Animal Healing - Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy

Reiki treatments are a highly beneficial means of identifying and working on a range of acute and/or chronic health issues in both people and animals. Even better, treatment can be effective either in person or via a photograph. Reiki is a highly effective way to apply healing that is free of stress for the animal. However, it does not always work. Sometimes Reiki cannot help, and this must be made clear beforehand. Nevertheless, Reiki is highly beneficial for reducing the signs and symptoms of suffering animals.

Reiki treatment has been utilised successfully to treat cases of inoperable tumours, diabetes, infection, renal disease, urgent acute injury, and viruses all where pet care is not available. Your animals do not have to live on in constant suffering or have to be euthanised when there seems to be no hope, Reiki can be the type of healing that may turn things around.

Our Services

Home Visits

A Reiki practitioner will come to your home to provide a stress-free healing for your pet in the comfort of familiar surroundings. This service is avaliable in the Gold Coast and south Brisbane areas. A healing usually takes 30 minutes and our practitioner may also identify any other health issues your pet has. Our healer does the treatment in a room with your pet where it is most comfortable. Usually the pet will choose where it wants to receive the treatment. We ask other people to leave the room during the healing, although other animals are allowed in. This is to maintain a pure and effective transmission of healing energy.

Attending Clinic

You bring your animal to us at Nerang on the Gold Coast. A healing usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Photo/Phone Consults

We can do a distant healing for your animal using its photograph. This is ideal for people living outside our area of personal visits and means that your pet can also receive stress-free healing in the comfort of its home. The distance doesn't matter. It can be another state or even another country on the other side of the planet!

Other Benefits

Our Reiki practitioner has a wholistic approach and is also a Medical Intuitive, qualified Energy Healer and Crystal Master and can often identify and treat other health issues being experienced by your pet and may sometimes utilise crystals in the healing process for your animal. All crystals have their own type of healing energy which can be used to target a particular health risk. For instance there are crystals which are beneficial for use against tumours and our healer may suggest that these are incorporated into the healing process.

Unlike vets, if we cannot help your pet we offer a refund. To date, however, we have not had to give any refunds ... and we think that's a pretty good indication of the success of our animal healing!

There's nothing more rewarding than being able to restore an animal's health and bring that sparkle back into their eyes!

Special Offer

If you book a consult and mention that you found us through the Natural Therapy pages you will receive a 10% discount. This offer is valid till 31 December 2018.

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