Reiki Association of Australia

The Reiki Association of Australia Inc. No A0042 717V was founded in 2002

Reiki Association of Australia

Servicing area

Montrose, Victoria

Focus areas

Love Values Self-development

The Reiki Association of Australia Inc. Melbourne

Is a organization that embraces the fundamental teaching's of The Usui System of Natural Healing, but recognizes the many incarnate forms of Reiki in today's society.

Our Goals

To Build a Reiki Association that is based on warmth and friendship, one that is open to sharing, discovering, learning, supporting and encouraging Reiki Practitioners to spread Reiki throughout the community and beyond.

Our Values

Values the Traditional Teachings of Reiki.

Values integrity and high quality in the teachings and standards of practice.

Values and supports the proposal of Reiki being recognized as a professional healing modality.

Values equality and believes in the philosophy that we are all equals and masters of our own destiny.

Values self development and sees the practice of Reiki on oneself and others as an act of service.

For it is through the vibration of love that we are powerful, we can create, we can manifest and most importantly we are free to know ourselves.

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