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Reiki & Holistic Wellness

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Reiki master and Holistic Healer

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Reiki & Holistic Wellness


You will benefit from a Reiki treatment or Holistic counselling session with Susan for the healing of any situation in life, from relaxation from stress to wellness after surgery.

Healing happens when the source of a problem can be cleared away or cleansed so that your energy can flow smoothly. The translation of healing means wholeness. The effect of healing brings with it a feeling of joy and the freedom from suffering.

The potential is a healthy and happy body, heart, spirit and mind.
Susan will support you in a safe place as you find your way back to where you find your connection with your own self and your potential as a balanced and whole human being.

Reiki and Holistic Counselling are integrated to give your own personal treatment with the emphasis on you.

"Susan is a truly amazing woman. I first met Susan at her meditation classes when I was going through a very challenging time in my life. Susan was/is very nurturing, caring and supportive she helped me walk one of the most horrendous journey's in my life. I will never forget her honesty, kindness, love and support." -- From Anne

“I went to High School with Susan, even back then I always admired her then coolness!! Not realising till now that it was the beginning of an amazing and spiritual person. I'm very lucky for Susan to come back into my life after all these years. I treasure her frankness and friendship. Susan you are an inspiration to me.” -- Majella Jensen


Reiki Courses

Reiki I & II Courses is an invitation to a journey of re-discovery and recovery. This is the opportunity to re-connect with the healing energy that you were born with, an amazing energy that heals the wounds of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Like Light vibrations it will touch your heart and fill you with empowerment and love.

There are three levels of Reiki: Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III. Each level fine tunes you to become a clearer channel of Reiki.

There are four attunements or initiations in first degree (Reiki I) and one attunement in both Reiki II and III.

The attunements are done by a Reiki Master. This process is easy. All you have to do is relax as it is much the same as receiving a Reiki treatment. Once you are attuned you have this connection for life, so wherever and whenever, you can open to the healing energy of Reiki.

Reiki Groups

Reiki Share and meditation is held every week to give you the opportunity to have Reiki treatment in a group to boost and recharge you. The night begins with meditation and card reading. then continues with the sharing of Reiki treatments.

It is for everyone to learn more about Reiki, to receive and practice giving Reiki. This is also an ideal place for those who are wishing to do a Reiki course and have not been initiated.

Reiki Share is held every Monday night.

Starting time is 6.30pm.

A donation up to $10 is welcome.

Meditation Days are organised throughout the year. Dates to be confirmed and will be posted on this page

For more information feel free to contact me.

Holistic Counselling
  • For balancing and healing the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental body .

  • To correct loss of self esteem, depression, anxiety, the effect of disease, pain management, addictions, relationship issues, general balancing and wellness.

  • Creating greater self awareness and improvement in life skills.

Healing happens when energy that has been blocked or damaged in some way is re-connected and aligned. The translation of healing means wholeness. The effect of healing brings back a feeling of joy and freedom from suffering.

Holistic healing allows all parts of the body; the mind, the physical body, the emotions, and the spirit, to function and communicate with one another in harmony.
The potential is a healthy balanced whole body. more >>

“You said Monday night I am a great master and learning to accept praise with grace has been something I’ve worked on personally, and didn’t say anything back in response except gratitude.

If I am a great master, you my lady are an excellent master, teacher and loving mentor. Your capacity for giving of yourself to others and genuine love for your fellow humans is boundless. I can’t say anymore other than I am a very lucky scholar who gives thanks to you at every opportunity, but it never feels enough.”
-- From John


Reiki is an ancient form of healing re-discovered by Japanese Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800s and brought to the west after 1937. The technique is very modest. Only the laying of hands on the body or hands just above the body is needed to have a profound effect. In the western lifestyle today compassionate touch is a rare connection between people but is the first most natural method of communication. A mother holds and cuddles her baby with loving hands to soothe and connect. It is the energy and feeling of love and safety that is amplified by Reiki. As a method of healing, Reiki opens and balances the natural channels of energy in the body restoring health, well being and a greater self awareness.

Reiki is said to be an intelligent energy, that is, it flows where it is needed most for the benefit of the whole being. ‘Rei’ means universal life force. ‘Ki’ means energy. It is the universal life force energy that flows through everything. As energy, the effects can be felt in many different ways on many levels. This can be subtle or profound.

Reiki will reach blockages stored in all the energetic layers of your body. These layers are associated with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of you.
The role of the healer is to tune in and remain an open channel to allow Reiki to flow like music bringing harmony and balance.

Generally, blocks are manifested in the finer energy layer of the body before becoming a physical problem. Reiki recognises a block and attracts energy to the source. As the block is released in the finer levels, it triggers a chain reaction that eventually manifests on the physical level.
A person receiving Reiki for a sore shoulder may experience a relaxing of tension and complete physical healing, often noticing an awareness of something unexplainable but wonderful or an insight to a problem from the past. This can be achieved from 1 to 4 sessions.

It is recommended for the more persistent issues to have from 4-6 sessions.
The effects of Reiki depend on your attitude and intention. Healing happens more effectively when you are focused and positive. The benefit of Reiki is to relax the tensions and inhibitions of your blockages enabling your body do its own natural healing.

Some results include:
  • Relaxation
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Re-aligning the energy centres of the body (chakras)
  • Removing or transforming toxins
  • Relieving pain, promoting healing of disease and injuryRe-programming patterns of behaviour and addictions
  • Improving emotional and mental health
  • Promoting self empowerment
  • Re-connection to a divine source
  • Healing issues from the past
Reiki treatment is a very individual experience leaving you in a relaxed and happy state often restoring the sense of complete love and peace.


Hello. Let me tell you a little about myself.
I am a mother of seven children, married for over 30 years and now a grandmother. While raising my children, I experienced all the joys and tribulations of home caring and disciplining the brood (almost on my own as hubby worked hard for us all). Through those years I lived with ongoing depression and anxiety which eventually affected the household as well as the relationship bringing on a nervous breakdown. In my effort to find treatment I found a wonderful lady who treated me with her loving touch and energy. I was instantly on my way to complete healing. From that moment I was dedicated to learning more about this wonderful treatment and to become a qualified healer and eventually a holistic counsellor.

I found a way to bring back balance to my life without the added drugs or medications. Reiki changed my life.

Since then I have studied many forms of energy healing. These include Spirit of Light Training (2003, revised 2004) and Integrative Vibrational Energy Therapy (levels I, II, III, IV) . Both of these methods heal and transform blocks, remove unwanted energy (entities), track and transform trauma related to past life events that effect the current life, heal wounds of the past generations, investigate and re-programme belief systems that do not serve you, balance chakra centres, activate the channelling of messages from the higher realms.
I am a graduate with a Diploma in Holistic Counselling studied at Sophia College, Brisbane campus.

My other qualifications include Diploma in Education(1978), Diploma in Holistic Counselling(Sophia College, Brisbane), 2nd year access student in Holistic Counselling(Sophia College, Brisbane), Aurasoma Foundation Course, Bushflower white light essences, Byron Katie workshop.


I choose to be to an open and clear channel for Reiki to flow with love and to support others to find and re-ignite their own true potential bringing more balance and harmony to their life.

I live my life dedicated to my own spiritual journey and an example to others who are seeking to awaken their own power and re-connect to their true source.

I follow the five principles of Reiki:

Just for today, I let go of anger
I choose to live in this moment not the past.

Just for today, I let go of worry
II choose to live in the present not the future.

Just for today I honour my guardians and teachers
II honour the lessons I learn with respect.

Just for today, I live my life honestly
II am responsible to live my truth.

Just for today, I show gratitude for all life
II respect and am grateful for my connection to all forms of life as I accept my existence.

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