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Rejuvenate Hypnotherapy

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Rejuvenate Hypnotherapy
Rejuvenate Hypnotherapy offers a professional and supportive service, designed to allow you to create the environment you need to make the changes you want.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation during which suggestions are made to create beneficial changes in ideas or behavior. The subconscious mind controls the involuntary functions of the body, including habits and things that we do ‘automatically’ - it is fueled by our emotions and imagination. The subconscious mind also contains memories of every single thing that has occurred to us. When it comes down to people making the changes that they desire, we know that sometimes there are blockages that prevent them from doing so. One of those blockages is the power of their ‘belief system’ or another name for that might be ‘past programming’, another is their ‘Automatic Negative Thoughts’  (ANT’s).  One of the most powerful ways that a person can overcome these is to override the stimulus of their ANT’s by replacing them with Positive Thoughts.

In hypnosis the mind is very receptive to new ideas and open to suggestions which encourage more sensible, balanced or helpful attitudes to reality.

Mind and body affect each other dramatically and the person is benefited holistically by this approach. The number of sessions required usually varies from person to person, however most people testify to benefits immediately.

Questions and Answers

Q. Can anyone be hypnotized?
A. Most people can, providing they are able to understand the things they have to do in order to achieve this state

Q. Can I be made to say or do anything against my will whilst I am in hypnosis?
A. No. Clinical hypnosis is not the same as stage hypnosis, you are free to accept or reject any suggestions made.

Q. Will I be aware of what is happening or being said whilst I am in the hypnosis state?
A. Yes. You will feel deeply relaxed but will never lose contact with the Hypnotherapist’s voice.

Q. What happens if I don’t come out of trance or something happens to the Hypnotherapist before I am brought out?
A. You would simply come out of the trance naturally as the rapport would be lost with the Hypnotherapist. No-one has every remained in trance indefinitely.

Q. Will I be able to drive afterwards?
A. Yes. You will still be feeling relaxed, however your actions and reactions will be functioning super efficiently.

Q. When I am in hypnosis am I unconscious?
A. No, you are in a state half-way between sleep and wake.

You already know smoking is harmful to your body.

Even so, lots of people keep smoking.  So why should you quit?  The logic is simple: You’ll improve the quality and length of your life and the lives of the people around you.  Even so, quitting is very difficult. One way to prepare to successfully launch your smoke-free life is to understand why you smoke and what happens when you stop.

Why is it so hard to quit?

It’s hard to tackle the physical addiction to nicotine. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance found naturally in tobacco.  It travels quickly to the brain when it is inhaled and can cause a feeling of temporary relaxation and/or stress relief. Nicotine can also elevate your mood and your heart rate. But this feeling is only temporary. After your body rids itself of the drug, you start to crave another cigarette. Shortly after you finish smoking a cigarette, your body starts to show signs of withdrawal. You start to crave another cigarette to overcome these symptoms, starting a vicious cycle of dependency.

It may seem challenging to find new ways to handle your stress. Do you grab a cigarette when you feel stressed or anxious?  Stress, whether it’s from your job, relationships, caregiving burdens or just plain fast-paced living, can cause you to look for fast and easy relief, although you know in the long run, smoking will only add to your stress by taking away your good health. To successfully quit smoking, you may need to think through your stress-management options before you quit. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you find new ways of dealing positively with life’s stressors, becoming a non-smoker by:

    • eliminating your physical, psychological and social smoking triggers

    • alleviating the cravings and withdrawal symptoms usually experienced when quitting smoking

    • Dealing with the root causes of your smoking habit

Specialties of Practice: Health & Fitness Coaching, Weight Loss, Behavioural Change, Quit Smoking, Addictions, Fears & Phobias.


Fears & Phobias

Phobias are far more common than many people realise. It is estimated that more than 11% of the population have some kind of irrational fear. Generally, the solution is to see that phobia in a different context, starting from an objective perspective and then gradually building up exposure from a minimal to comfortable level.

Exam Stress

Do you struggle to keep calm when an important exam or assessment is looming? Or perhaps your child is suffering from the anxiety and stress commonly inflicted upon them today through the nature of the education system. It is common for students to latch onto their insecurities rather than their strengths during this period and they can become increasingly anxious. Hypnosis can shift their thinking and coping strategies to enable them to ultimately perform at their very best.

Sports Performance

Hypnosis is often used in sport psychology to bring the best out of athletes. People who have the vision and expectation to excel usually do. Mentally rehearsing a successful outcome can fire neurons in the brain in exactly the same patterns they would follow when actually performing the activity.

Group - Hypnosis

Self- hypnosis is taught in groups or individually. During therapy a post-hypnotic suggestion may be given to achieve the desired state, giving you the confidence you need to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs.

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