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A UNIQUE HOLISTIC THERAPY.FACIAL HARMONY AND REJUVENATION FACE LIFT.DO YOU WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER AND FEEL GREAT?ONLY 3 BIO PULSE MACHINES IN AUSTRALIA.SPECIALISING IN FACIAL REJUVENATION. WE ALL WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER, LETS FACE IT !! Specialising in high-tech, holistic rejuvenation, face lifting, corrective skin treatments & kinesiololgy.*A BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENT FROM EUROPE*THE NATURAL FACE LIFTThis literally reverses the ageing process of your face, by firming, toning, and lifting the facial muscles and naturally lifting the skin. Fine lines and puffiness under the eyes is reduced, and you look radiant, as circulation increases, tissues detoxify and elastic fibres are formed and tightened. Reharmonising face and body using acu- points with the bio pulse machine, and hands on using natural rejuvenative skin formulations. I treat the body as a whole, treating the CAUSE and the EFFECT. Come and try it, and feel and look great about yourself. Excellent for looking and feeling good with renewed self esteem.

Rejuvenation Natural Therapies

Servicing area

Metropolitan Sydney

Focus areas

Gong Stress management Facial Posture Tension Pigmentation


How do my treatments differ?

We take great pride in ensuring that all our clients requirements are met. Our approach in helping our clients are taken with utmost compassion and care. We strive to ensure that each of our clients leave our practice feeling and looking rejuvenated - in essence, feeling like A New Person !

First and foremost, the skin treatments are specifically tailored to each individual. There is no standard for all. We approach each treatment with the greatest of care and attention to detail.

I treat the body as a whole, treating the cause and the effect.

About the practitioner

Marilla has worked with clients for over 25 years. Her extensive experience in holistic rejuvenative beauty therapy stems from her passion in helping people feel and look good about themselves. She has diplomas in Holistic Beauty Therapy, Kinesiology and Touch For Health.

Marilla also incorporates elements of Reiki and Qi Gong healing in her treatments to enhance the benefits that you'll receive.

Marilla offers a range of benefits and solutions for her clients.

They include Anti-Ageing Solutions such as:

    • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines

    • Softening of deep facial lines

    • Smoothing of rough skin

    • Lifting of eyes and jowles

    • Pigmentation and Broken Capillaries faded

    • Problem skins relieved

Our holistic concept goes way beyond superficial touch ups. We deal with the underlying muscles and deep connective tissues, where the actual signs of ageing take place.

These treatments treat the body as a whole and offer non invasive alternatives to the surgical and invasive treatments. They incorporate highly sophisticated natural serums and rejuvenative skin formulations.

Deep and fine lines are treated and muscles toned using the Bio Pulse and special massage techniques. An infusion of botanical herbal extracts are applied to the deeper layers of skin, used to accelerate the cell production, resulting in firmer contours, a vital and glowing skin, and visible rejuvenation.

You will achieve amazing results in just 3 or 4 treatments. These treatments are also a preventative way of keeping ageing at bay in the latter years.

Rejuvenation of the Face, Body and Spirit

The emphasis here is to provide you with a high quality facial treatment with results in the retardation of ageing. This is done through a combination of advanced technology and traditional healing techniques.

I remove your stress as a whole, as the mind affects the body, and also, the face. Saying that, if the body is in pain, it also affect the mind !

Diet and elimination are also important factors, along with exercise, posture and your mental state. We strive to not only heal but to also provide you with advice that you can take away to ensure lasting results.

Using the correct reflex points with the Bio Pulse, for each problem, one can help to re-balance the body, allowing the body to re adjust, and start to heal itself.

The ultimate result is to ensure that you Look Younger and Feel Great.

Bad Back Relief

Using a combination of our advanced technology in Bio-Pulse and hands-on techniques, we can release muscular tension to provide you with relief of back pain.

Meditation and Qi Gong classes. Qi Gong healing taught after 6 months

Mobile treatments available

If you cannot come to me, then I am quite able to bring my bench, equipment, towels, serums, creams, knowledge, advise etc. to you. Please book in advance for the mobile treatments.
The extra charge is only $25.00 for metropolitan Sydney.

For Melbourne clients, please book in early in the month.

Special offer: 20% off Initial treatment if you mention Natural Therapy Pages

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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