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Renee Schembri Relationship Coach & Speaker

Renee Schembri

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Relationship COACH & SPEAKER

Find someone who knows your not perfect, but treats you as if you are!

Renee Schembri Relationship Coach & Speaker


Relationships are the basis of our existence so it is vital to our happiness we have a good understanding of people and why we do what we do and most importantly to know, love and accept all of ourselves.

I help singles find love and escape old patterns to create space to be with someone they deserve. Couples in loveless relationships who want to rekindle the passion and happiness they once had. I also help those through divorce and separation to be able to let go and move forward with confidence and courage.

I support women and men and with my expertise and guidance you will not only have a beautiful deep relationship with yourself you will also extend this happiness, peace and acceptance to every area of your life, making you a magnet to all those around you.

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About Renee

Renee is a Certified and International Relationship Coach and the founder of Sassy Sisters. Renee is dedicated to ensuring her clients know their true value and their authentic selves to thrive in loving relationships with themselves and others.

With decades of personal experience, Renee understands the up’s and down’s, of relationships, dating, self-esteem and intimacy.  Her proven methods, and years of knowledge and experience through coaching, hypnotherapy, Time line Therapy ™ and Reiki, empower her clients to realign and maintain power over their beliefs to live fulfilling, harmonies and happy lives. Renee’s warm, and compassionate nature along with her passion for life encourages and supports clients to reach their true potential.

Renee believes, relationships are the foundation and the essence to life, and it is essential to the wellbeing of all people to know how to navigate and communicate with self-awareness through the many relationships we have throughout our lives especially the most important one, which is with ourselves.

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