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Resolve Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Marie Norris

Robina Natural Health
28 Albion St
Essendon VIC 3040

Resolve Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Your Guide Towards Greater Self-Awareness:

See how Melbourne psychologist, Marie Norris, can help create positive and effective change in your life.

Resolve Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Compassion and Heartfelt Understanding

Marie Norris has a deep fondness for building strong and meaningful relationships with all those whose lives she touches. Her work is dedicated towards nurturing all that is good, and she strives to bring out the best in everyone.

She understands that each and every single one of us is juggling the ups and downs of daily living whilst endeavoring to live our best lives. This is what motivates her to be of service to all those she has the good fortune of coming across.

Thoughtful and Nurturing Love

Be at ease and walk into a comfortable atmosphere created with the thoughtfulness and love of a mother of two. Marie’s nurturing approach gently soothes and relaxes you to establish a greater sense of oneness with yourself and your surroundings.

You will step into an encouraging environment with someone whose focus only centers on all your needs and goals. Expect to work harmoniously with Marie to start developing a plan that will eventually help you produce positive and effective change.

Achieve Wellness of Your Whole Self

Focus on what is most right about you and allow that to grow and flourish. With a greater emphasis placed on what makes you well, you can better identify and evaluate your life’s challenges so you can create positive and lasting outcomes.

Uplift your whole self - mind, body, and spirit - through Marie’s non-diagnostic and nonpathological approach. Her holistic wellness techniques can help empower you with the right tools and strategies to achieve the positive results you really want in your life.

Recognize Your Inner Strengths

Make satisfying life changes with grace and ease through the powerful recognition of all the qualities that make you a stronger person. Marie will help you do this by focusing on you and what matters most to you.

Work hand in hand with Marie as she helps you overcome feelings of grief, anxiety, depression, confusion, or malcontent. She will aid you in doing this by helping you recognize your own inner strengths and resources that will help you face all these challenges.

Be Guided By Experience

You will be accompanied along your own path towards inner peace and self-awareness by a privately practising psychotherapist, resource therapist, and hypnotherapist who is highly qualified and experienced.

Marie has worked with people from all backgrounds, professions, and ages to help resolve disharmony in their thoughts and feelings and helping them restore a peaceful balance to their lives.

Enquire now and discover how warm, welcoming, and genuinely devoted she is to help uplift the human spirit.



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