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Zen Relaxation

Enza Currenti

Five Dock NSW

Zen Relaxation

So easy, effortless, so effective, soothing, so refreshing & promoting deep healing!

Mindfulness and You

A cosmically created spirit inspired script, added to a musically choreographed video that transports your body & soul to a cosmic space where it becomes lighter, releases negative emotions (eg anger, fear, guilt, sadness) balances the chakras, with subliminal embedded suggestions to facilitate desired changes in your life, whether these be relaxation, stress release, anger management, weight loss, sleep improvement, study states...the list is endless.

Zen Relaxation combines music & mind relaxation (meditation) help you release what is holding you back so that you can create the life you desire easily & effortlessly. A merge of music, mind & healing to instill a sense of serenity into our everyday lives at any time. Sensory Healing @ its best!

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