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Jan 2006

Revitalize You - Milton Psychology

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Contact Name Patricia Gibson
Mobile 0407 876 825
Address Mezzanine
5/18 Kilroe St
Milton QLD 4065
Servicing Areas Milton, Brisbane

Imagine how brilliant it will be to have confident control in your life to produce the joy and results in any area you choose. The choices you make determine the life you have.


Patricia, as a board registered & Medicare authorized highly qualified and experienced Psychologist, Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Life and Results Coach, has the skills and passion to support your goals and assist you to become inspired and joy filled as you gain more mastery over your exciting future.



Revitalize You - Milton Psychology

About Us

Discover how you can learn powerful communication to achieve your purpose and have rich and happy relationships. have the career you want to support your lifestyle goals and purpose and learn how to change the habits that have, up to this point, held you back from life and the freedoms you desire.

Tric is a well regarded Speaking Success Mastery corporate trainer & personal coach. Learn to do public speaking with confidence and superb skill.

Learn how to navigate the future with skill and confidence and apply these magnificent tools to your health, relationships, family, finances, career and spiritual goals, and know how to set and achieve these goals with power and precision. Excellent Life counseling could be the key to your power to success.

Feel the amazing release from conditions which may have been described as: depression, phobia, compulsion, anxiety, trauma effects, emotional eating, unserving habits and behaviours, esteem and confidence issues, negative relationships, stress and other issues. Tric serves clients referred by G.P's , as well as your personal self referral.

See yourself changing and growing in confident happiness and hear yourself congratulating and encouraging the confident YOU that improves with each day.

As you sit here reading and knowing that NOW is the time to take action, you also realize that thought without action changes nothing and that your action demonstrates your commitment to a healthier, happier and more peaceful and successful YOU for yourself and others.

The benefits of your action will support a future life that IS within your grasp!

Remember the old saying:

f you always do what youve youve always done.
Youll always get what youve always got

To get what you WANT , expect and know that your skills and commitment to the excellence within you, along with my support through professional expertise will be the difference that makes the difference.

It is my passion and privilege to journey with you, individually, with your significant other(s) and in your business or organization. The first step begins when you:

1. Contact me for an appointment </b on 0407 876 867
2. Attend my publicly available learning sessions, held regularly ( please see my website ) . Please register your interest to receive the session information bulletins by phoning
0407 876 867 and leaving your email and contact details, or by emailing me directly or
The sessions are : Fun, Fabulous Learning & Affordable.
Please contact me to receive the details.

3. Arrange a time for me to meet you at your business/organization to discuss training needs, including communication for clarity, conflict resolution, negotiation, values recognition and realignment, goal setting and achievement and other specific needs, by phoning me on 0407 876 867 and leaving your contact details, or by emailing me directly or

4. Arrange the guidance to take you to the next level by telephone coaching. Together we will formulate a process that is convenient to you (from your home/office/after the kids are asleep etc.) and is specifically designed for your benefit to reach certain goals within a time frame, by phoning 0407 876 867 and leaving your contact details, or by emailing me directly or

There are No barriers with Telephone Coaching , it is easy, convenient and massively effective, and will support you personally and in business.

Your success is as close as a telephone call!

Please contact me if you have any queries, I look forward to meeting you and to assisting you to achieve your healthy and vibrant future.

Tric Gibson

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Qualification Details

Patricia has a rich multidisciplinary background. She has been a board registered Psychologist for almost 30 years and a qualified Teacher and Educator for 35 years. She has also founded and managed businesses throughout her professional life, and applies that sensibility and experience to enhance corporate/business support.

Patricia has recently held positions as a Clinical Supervisor to the Doctoral and Masters of Ed. Psych. students at the University of Queensland, and was the founding Chair of the Speech Language Disability Validation Panel for Religious Institute Schools in Brisbane.

As well as being a
  • Registered Psychologist and

  • Qualified Teacher

Patricia also holds the following Certifications:

  • Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming and Neurological Repatterning

  • Life and Results coach>

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