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Rhonda Hunt

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I have been practising

Oncology Massage since 2011

Oncology Massage

Why have

Sloane Kettering Article

A large research study undertaken at the Sloane Kettering Institute in 2004 states it is clear that,

“massage therapy achieves major reductions in cancer patients symptoms of pain, anxiety, fatigue, nausea and depression. “

Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management ,”Vol 28 number 3 ,September 2004, p 248

What sort of massage am I talking about?

The pressure used is light and very safe. It is the adaptation of massage to an individual with cancer or a history of cancer. An alternative word for an indication of the level of pressure is “lotioning.”
Oncology Massage is NOT deep tissue remedial massage. It is NOT Lymphatic drainage – this is another specialist area.

Targeting Fascia

Fascia is the richest sensory and the largest contractile organ in the body. It is a like a strong spider’s web of connective tissue, which extends into bone, and is continuous in and around muscles and organs!

When doing Oncology massage one of the main targets is the fascia. The sensory nerve receptors in fascia are activated by slow melting pressure.

When is Oncology Massage useful?

It is safe for all oncology patients. I have used it for people who have all over pain, anxiety nausea, fatigue and depression.

Following Radiation – the systemic effect of radiation is fatigue and depression. Oncology massage activates the body’s own chemical factory; increasing production of hormones which release a feeling of well- being, relaxation and bliss. Massage can help with muscle pain following radiation by relaxing muscle tension. and increasing bliss chemicals in the body. Massage is very helpful after the initial visit to the radiotherapy department.

During Chemotherapy: Massage appointments between chemotherapy sessions decreases fatigue and anxiety.

When not to massage:

  • Site restrictions: ports/ irradiated areas
  • If there are sites of heat, redness tenderness or swelling.

What Qualifications do you need for Oncology Massage?

  • You should ask if someone has Oncology Massage training.
  • The therapist should be registered and on the Oncology Massage website of practitioners.
  • The therapist should be a member of a Massage association and have insurance.


Sloane Kettering Article Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, ”Vol 28 number 3 September 2004, p 248

OM Training Manual

Cancer Council Massage and Cancer brochure

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