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Rhythm and Light Therapies

Genevieve Searle

Currumbin Valley QLD 4223

Servicing area: Currumbin Valley & Burleigh Heads QLD

Rhythm and Light Therapies

Find Your Rhythm & Shine Your Light

doTERRA, PBMT/Red Light, Mentoring, Breathwork, Colonics

Re-Patterning Workshops

A small group, 5 hour workshop to learn how to re-pattern your body and mind.

In the 1st session we unravel:

  • How patterns are created, established and inherited;
  • How these patterns are stored in both the body and mind;
  • How to work with emotions as allies rather than hijackers;
  • How to "hack" your senses to re-write your patterns;
  • The power of breath;
  • How to practically apply and embody this learning; and
  • Why a "toolkit" of essential oils can be so powerful and how to access this.

In the 2nd session we embody all of this learning in a practical experience.

Finally you leave with a specially crafted essential oil blend to continue to support you to integrate your experience.

Only 6-8 spaces available.

Southern Gold Coast
Various Dates - Please contact me for details
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Body Wisdom Session

We start this session by learning a very simple technique to help you tap into what your body and sub-conscious has to say. 

As brilliant as our thinking brains are they actually miss a whole lot of information because other parts of our brains act as filters to prevent our thinking brains going into overwhelm.

This means that our thinking brains have to make decisions based on really limited information.

So with this practice we actually connect with our body and also with a part of the brain called the cerebellum and ask it simple yes/no questions and our body responds with a yes or a no.

This is a great technique to use when we are unclear, overwhelmed or have been going over possibilities without a resolution for a period of time.  Or you can just use it to decide what to have for lunch.

We then go through a series of refining questions to determine where to go from here.  If there is an issue without a clear underlining cause we can also ask the body where that came from and other useful questions.

The rest of the session may include:

  • doTERRA Oil body work:
    • oil layering and/or abdominal massage
  • Breathwork techniques and practice
  • Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT):
    • See details below
  • Reiki
  • Mentoring for physical, mental , emotional and spiritual support
  • Mindfulness techniques incl.

At the end of the session we tune in to You again and choose a gift to take home for continued support: doTERRA essential oil blend or Australian Bush Flower Essences

Session details:

Duration 90mins

Investment $110


Aromatherapy Bodywork

I work with doTERRA Essential Oils and integrate various techniques and protocols based on what your body is calling for at the time.

These protocols can support different body systems such as:

  • Emotional / Limbic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Lymphatic
  • Immune
  • Musculskeletal
  • Nervous 
  • Endochrine
  • Digestive and
  • Core Energy / Chi

Session details:

Duration 60mins

Investment $90


Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) 

PBMT (also known as Low Level Light Therapy or LLLT) works at below cell level in the body by acting directly on Mitochondria (the energy factories of virtually every cell).

PBMT is used for a wide array of applications including:

In our clinic, we use a Thor Laser Desktop Device; the Rolls Royce of PBMT devices.

Session details:

Single Session $45

6 Sessions $250

12 Sessions $450


Cleanse and Fasting Protocols 

Working with YOUR body and YOUR needs we collaboratively craft a program to suit you.  We begin with a Body Wisdom Session and go from there.

These protocols may include:

  • Personally designed steps 
  • Supplement suggestions
  • doTERRA Essential Oil based bodywork
  • Nutrition advice and support
  • PBMT (see above for details)
  • doTERRA Essentail Oil use and guidance
  • Colonics

Session details:

As these are designed to suit you each one will be different and the investment will reflect this.

Please contact me for details.


Wellness Mentoring 

These are disscussion sessions that can include but are not limited to, looking at the following areas:

  • Environment;
  • Epigenetics (how our DNA can be switched on or off);
  • Trans-Generational Imprinting (how we can inherit things from our ancestors other than our DNA – like resilience, beliefs, trauma etc.);
  • Nutrition;
  • Fasting and cleanse protocols;
  • Movement and Stillness;
  • Water;
  • Breathwork;
  • Psycho-spiritual elements; and…
  • What lights you up!!

Session details:

Duration 60mins

Investment $80


HomeComing Session

This session is designed to help you connect with the wisdom and brilliance of your body, to help you ask it what it needs, listen to what it has to say and to speak to it in a way that perhaps you have never done before.

During the session we work with:

  • Ceremony and Ritual
  • Ceremonial cacao
  • Breathing techniques
  • Music
  • Guided visualization and the Ho’oponopono prayer
  • Shamanic drumming
  • Tibetan Singing bowls
  • Reiki
  • doTERRA Essential oils
  • Post session tea / de-brief / download

During the session you gain techniques to support you after you go home and with each session you receive a whole take-home pack including:

  • Oil roller blend, Personalized essence, Tea blend, Cacao and Smudge all designed to help you integrate the experience into your life.

Session Details:

Duration - 2 hours

Investment - $250


FlowState Session 

FlowState sessions help you drop out of your "monkey mind" and access other parts of your mind that don't normally get much of a look in.  

By using a variety of tried and tested tools I guide you into an altered state of consciousness, allowing you to access mental spacious, clarity, intuition and creativity.

These sessions are a co-creation between you and I.  It’s about (mind)set and setting.

You bring your mindset in the form of willingness, intention and focus and I create the setting using the following and more:

• Ceremony and ritual
• Herbal elixirs and ceremonial cacao
• Breathing techniques
• Electronic dance music – oh yes I do!
• Blindfolding (optional)
• Guided visualization
• Shamanic drumming
• Energy work (like Reiki)
• Essential oils
• Post session tea / de-brief / download

During the session you gain techniques to support you after you go home and with each session you receive a whole take-home pack including:

  • Oil roller blend, Personalized essence, Tea blend, Cacao and Smudge all designed to help you integrate the experience into your life.

Session Details:

Duration - 2 hours

Investment - $250


Colonic Hydrotherapy 

I offer a different colonic service to most practitioners, I don't offer a "spring clean" service.  Instead I work with colonics as a powerful tool for unreaveling and releasing deeply held patterns.

For this reason, I like to see clients for a Body Wisdom Session first. 

Our colonic machine is a "closed system" machine.  I stay with you and am in control of operating the machine for the entire process to ensure safety and support.

Water used during a colonic is filtered and UV sterilized to be free of contaminants, chlorine and even flouride.

A colonic session can be booked either with or without PBMT (red/infrared light therapy) before hand.

I recomend using PBMT for the following reasons: 

  • Improves the microbiome 
  • Improves the outcome of the colonic
  • Supports the healing of the gut lining 

Session Details:

Please contact me for details.

Book now and let us be part of your journey.

Recognized training: Ancestral Nutrition; Colon Hydrotherapy; Thor Laser / Photobiomodulation; doTERRA Essential oils. Reiki; and Australian Bush Flower essences; Self-learning: Epigenetics &Trans-generational Imprinting; ReWilding and Primitive Skills; Flow States, Default Mode Network and the lesser known aspects of the Cerebellum; Shamanism, sexuality and spirituality; Mitochondria, Circadian Biology and the Biological effects of light; and Quantum Biology.

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