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Mindset Change

Riaz Peter

Servicing area: Online and Brisbane CBD - 30 Km Radius

Mindset Change

Letting go & healing the past, we are here to help you!

Mindset Change

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I help you to regain your power and control. Learn the skills required to master your thoughts and feelings and change how you think and feel about yourself. 
I support you by providing you the ideal space and the right resources, techniques & attitude that will allow you to recover your confidence,  peace, calm and composure and peace - the inherent capacity with which you have been born with. 
I utilise a seris of modalities from Rapid Transfomational Therapy, Meditation, Breathwork and Life Coachiing skills that I gained in my career. 

Rapid Transformational Coaching

Designed to deliver rapid change & quick results.  Unlike any existing approach, Rapid Transformational Therapy is an approach to solving physiological, mental , and emotional health problems.
RTT delves into your subconscious and conscious mind, helping you explore your beliefs, understanding why you're the way you are. Help you then reframe your thinking so that you can free yourself from the challenges, thoughts , beliefs and fears that have imprisoned you.

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Master of Human Development Rapid Transformational Therapy Meditation Breathwork

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Mindset Change