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The journey to vitality of health & self actualisation is one that can rarely be taken alone. Together we rise.

Rise Health & Wellness

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Work stress Burnout Exhausted Anxiety Emotions

Conventional medicine defines health as the absence of disease, to me health is so much more than that. I don’t just want to be disease free, I want to experience vitality of health, where all my systems are operating at their optimum levels so that I’m full of energy and reduce my risk of preventable disease.

Our mental and emotional health has a profound effect on our physical health meaning that vitality of health cannot be achieved without paying attention to both. Stress, unprocessed emotions, disturbed sleep and other modern day issues significantly contribute to preventable disease. The mind-body relationship is so intricate and often inseparable, I see them as one integrated unit – you cannot have vitality in health without both mind and body thriving.

Self-actualisation is to become the best we can be and fulfil our true potential as human beings. This is thought to be the pinnacle of human motivation. Something we all strive for once all our other, more basic, needs are met. We are all capable of achieving this but most can’t do it alone. I will help you on that journey. Together we rise.

What Do I Do?

Counsellor or Health Coach? Well, I’m a hybrid of both! I’ve taken what I feel are the most useful bits of both and offer a hybrid style of personal coaching.

There is benefit in the client led approach many counsellors and coaches take but some clients come out feeling like they need a more directive approach rather than having to come up with all the answers themselves.

It is also much easier to make lasting change when you understand what is going on inside your body so you can work with it rather than against it. No matter what is happening for you we try and identify the root cause/s and work on them. Often these are stress or emotional issues so we work on them as well as reacquainting you with your body and learning how to listen to it.

I provide you with knowledge around the mechanisms behind what is going on for you, strategies to put in place to start healing and growing, hold you accountable and continuously work to overcome barriers to success.

Start the journey today - reach out for a free 30 min chat so we can get to know each other. I want to hear what you want for your future and help you get there.


  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Bachelor of Science In Psychology (University of Western Australia)
  • Diploma In Nutrition

Professional Membership

  • ACA - Australian Counselling Association
  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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