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Rising Consciousness: The Spirit of Healing

Cathy Votano-Jager

Greenwich NSW 2065

Rising Consciousness: The Spirit of Healing

Rising Consciousness: The Spirit of Healing

What is ascension?

Ascension is the evolutionary process of awakening our Being to a higher state of consciousness. This process brings in more divine light and presence into the physical body. As a result the aura expands, the chakras open and evolve and the dormant DNA becomes activated allowing for new and heightened insights to be anchored into consciousness. Ascension on the spiritual path potentially allows us to experience the higher vibrational realms of multi- dimensional consciousness.

Last year I received an Ascension Attunement directly from Spirit. It was not the first download of upgraded energies I have received, but this particular one came with instructions to bring this to the people. This attunement is intended to bring more light and consciousness into people’s aura and state of being and to ultimately raise the collective consciousness of humanity as part of the ascension that we are currently undergoing on planet Earth.

There will be three attunements in all, with the 2nd and 3rd to be received at a later date.

This first attunement is a one to one transmission from me (the vessel) to you. Benefits to come from this are unique to each individual. Below are some, though by no means all, that may be expected.

Are you:

  • Ready to step into a higher experience of yourself, to elevate your energy and let go of the struggle of living in a 3D body?

  • Seeking to resonate at a higher frequency, one that lifts your vibration and attracts positive experiences into your life?

  • Ready to release the hooks that keep you connected to people and experiences of lower vibration?

  • Ready to let go of reactive patterns of behaviour by standing in your spiritual power?

  • Seeking to accelerate your spiritual journey and be guided by your heightened intuition?

  • Ready to step out of restriction and blockage and enter the energetic flow of life?

  • Ready to engage in supportive personal dynamics in your relationships?

  • Seeking to heal your heart and activate and enhance its capacity for love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, patience and other virtues?

  • Seeking to feel the expanse and connectedness of your Being and not the restricted version of your 3D existence?

  • Ready to experience the benefits of being more grounded and present in everyday life?

  • NB: Being a 1:1 transmission, numbers are limited and RSVP is essential.

To avoid disappointment please contact Cathy. 


Meditation is a powerful tool that will benefit even the most frantic lifestyle. As well as guided meditations and visualisations you will be given practical techniques to help still the mind and become more centred.

Cathy believes that everyone can learn to meditate. She has developed a fun and empowering 8 week course for beginners, taught in a small group setting. Testimonies available on request.


Expressions of interest, day or night classes. 
Call Cathy now on 0412 419 531 or send  an email via the 'Make an enquiry' button at the top of this page.

Who Are You” Workshops
This course is about awakening and is structured around the insights received by Cathy in a poem by this name. (here’s a little snippet below)

“Are you the name your parents chose
That random label that everyone knows….
…. Or are you the temple that houses the spark
The Holy of Holies
The Soul you can trust”

Whale Song Toning (for groups)

I am excited to be bringing you the Whale Song Healing, born from an unexpected gift that I received in the beautiful sanctuary of Jervis Bay in July 2015. Jervis Bay is a place very dear to my heart where the sea eagles, the whales and the dolphins come to greet, bless and play and our energies become as one.

The whale song clears the ancient energies of the past that hold a lower vibration and elevates our vibrational resonance and consciousness.

Whales ask us to embrace the unknown, and that's precisely why they are so connected to the emotional depths of the oceans. To be sure, our current circumstances are born from an emotional womb. In other words, our reality is intrinsically connected to our thought and our emotional choices. It can be frustrating and confusing to track down the emotional origin of the stuff that's manifesting in our lives, and the whale can help us understand, on a deeper level, the actions that have caused unrest in our daily life.

Navigating the emotional waters with the whale by your side will bring you:

  • Guidance and clarity

  • Deeper Awareness

  • Cosmic Consciousness

  • Emotional Rebirth and Understanding

  • Nurturing and Devotion to Community

  • Appreciation for Beauty

  • The Importance of Balance

Allow me to take you to the sanctuary of the whale and let your soul rest awhile and your Being be purified in the embrace of their loving song!
Please contact Cathy if you would like to host a session of Whale Song Toning for a gathering.

Connecting with Mother Nature – 1hr

Nature is where we find ourselves and our connection to spirituality. It’s our go-to place when we’re feeling low or grieving.

Though bushwalking is an appealing outdoor activity for many, most of us walk through nature only in body. Our mind is usually busily engaged on “other things” and we are not fully present.
What if there was a whole new level of engagement with nature that takes you away from thought and form?

Join me in a short bushwalk and learn ways to truly connect with the elements of nature through all of your senses. What if you too could experience a connection of oneness so powerful that it makes your heart sing with joy and makes time stand still!

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