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Offering alternate therapy modalities for pain relief and greater mobility, physically and emotionally, through to activities that encourage a lifestyle of health and wellbeing.

Robinia Natural Health


Bowen Therapy: A dynamic body technique which allows the body to relax thus utilizing its own resources, by stimulating muscle, nerve and fascia. It is a more gentle technique, which can be performed over clothing, and used with people of all ages.
Linda Kerton 0423 040 078

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling:
Marie Norris 0402 386 786

Lian Thompson 0419 877 732

Ozlem Ozmetin 0438 596 041

Holistic Counselling: An approach that considers the person’s thoughts, feelings, physical body and relationship to one’s greater consciousness. Individuals are supported to work, at their own pace, towards gaining inner peace and harmony.
Linda Kerton 0423 040 078

Remedial Massage Therapy: The word ‘remedial’ means ‘to improve’. It is a hands-on therapy, for complaints from general aches and pains to more serious musculoskeletal injury. Remedial therapy supports the body’s recovery from pain and improves range of movement.
Linda Kerton 0423 040 078

Systemic & Family Constellations
Constellations offer a new perspective for people wanting better relationships with themselves, loved ones, better health, success in career and business. Constellations can be executed in groups or in individual sessions. Once you experience constellations you wonder what you did before.
Linda Kerton 0423 040 078


Meditation: Supports the body’s immune system with a practice that allows management of the stressors of everyday life. Developing a focus on breathing which quietens the mind. Thoughts then pass through the mind with observation rather than stirring the emotions in the body.
Linda Kerton 0423 040 078

Yoga: meaning ‘union’ supports the health of body, mind and spirit in creating strength and flexibility in the physical body and focus and quietening of the mind. Long term participation in yoga releases restrictions, physically and mentally developing tone, balance and more.
Linda Kerton 0423 040 078


Lian Thompson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
0419 877 732

Linda Kerton
Dip Remedial Massage
Cert IV Bowen
Cert Holistic Counselling
Meditation Teacher
Yoga Teacher
0423 040 078

Marie Norris
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor
Clinical Ego State Therapist
0402 386 786

Ozlem Ozmetin
0438 596 041

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