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The Dorn Method

The Dorn Method is a safe and non-manipulative method that gently encourages muscular balance and release which enhances spinal stability and joint mobility and will work on treating a range of issues.


Acupuncture provides a highly effective manner for pain relief and treatment of a wide range of conditions. It is often used in IVF clinics to compliment their therapies.


Cupping is a modality of TCM that can relieve pain and muscle soreness. The cups create a slight vacuum, and this is placed on the chosen areas of the body which draws up tissue and helps to stimulate the flow of blood to the area. Temporary marks are left behind but these dissipate after a few days.


Gua Sha (scraping) releases unhealthy toxins from the injured areas and stimulates the flow of blood. The special tool is placed against the oiled surface of your skin, pressure is placed and then moved across the muscles or along acupuncture meridians.

Utilised for:

    • Tennis elbow and muscle pain
    • Tense shoulder muscles, biceps and triceps
    • Potential relief of Fascia pain
    • Tight hamstrings and calves
    • Stiff and sore quadriceps and upper legs

Herbal Remedies & Supplements

Our aim is to help individuals to overcome their symptoms and the underlying cause of the condition in a holistic manner that is ongoing.

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