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John Smith

Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Rolfing Works

John Smith - Manual and Movement therapist - A complete approach to the care and maintenance of your body 'You don't have to feel bad to feel better!

Rolfing Works

About Me

John Smith (BEd) is an experienced manual and movement therapist. He is an Advanced Rolfer, a Rolf Movement teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner. He also works and is available for Trager work, Craniosacral Therapy, postural assessment, sports, deep tissue and remedial massage, and myofascial release work.

Although modern manual therapies are highly successful in treating a variety of physical issues and painful conditions, they can also enrich the life of those who are not suffering significant issues – providing a sense of poise, ease, effortlessness and even joy in movement.

John Smith is an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner, trained in a diverse range of therapies that can address your unique needs:

  • Rolfing® Structural Integration, KMI

  • Trager®

  • The Feldenkrais® Methoda

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Wellsprings

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