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The way we move is like a signature - unique to us. We all develop habitual ways of moving and postural habits that usually serve us well, but may also cause asymmetry, overuse, discomfort and even pain.

Rolfing Works - Feldenkrais


The Feldenkrais Method is a unique system of sensory-motor education that can help us to move better. It helps us to increase our awareness of our existing patterns of movement and then it will offer us with new options for movements. This generates an increased sense of fluidity, ease and pleasure in movement and an expanded self-awareness.

The Feldenkrais practitioners work in two main ways:

Awareness Through Movement

These lessons are gentle movement explorations that are taught in a group setting. In these classes, attention is drawn to the quality and process of each movement. You will learn to take notice of change within your body. The result is improved flexibility, awareness and co-ordination.

Functional Integration

This is a hands-on process for individuals who need individual care. The client sits or lies, comfortable clothed on a low padded table. Utilising precise handling the practitioner brings current habits into focus and provides new movement options. This learning is then applied to daily activities such as sitting, reaching, standing and walking.

This method can be highly effective in helping with:

  • The improvement of breathing and posture

  • Bringing a quality of ease, lightness and spontaneity in the movement.

  • Improving performance skills in areas such as dance, sport, martial arts and music performance

  • Increasing co-ordination and range of movement

  • Restoring correct functioning after neurological conditions or injury

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