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Spiritual Readings & Energy Healings
Member since
Jul 2018

Roosy Spirit

Contact Name Roosy .
Mobile 0413831172
Address Rowville VIC 3178

Roosy provides Energy Healing & Spiritual readings in Sydney and also when she is in Melbourne. Book your session with Roosy today!

Roosy Spirit

Energy Healing

If a client’s “life force” or chi is high, it produces happiness and good health but when the client’s “life force energy” or chi is low, then it is reflected as unhappiness, sickness, or simply just not feeling quite right.

I am commonly working with the meridians, chakra’s and the auric field of my clients. Colour therapy, breath work, and crystals may also be utilised as part of this healing modality. Sessions are designed to promote relaxation and are deeply energising as well as incredibly empowering! Energy healing sessions are known to improve circulation throughout and after energy healing. Furthermore, spiritual, emotional, or mental blockages can also sometimes be relieved through ongoing sessions.

Spiritual Readings

Roosy works with spirit when she conducts readings. Whilst she is in a session, she often finds herself channelling from spirit. Therefore, she may begin with the Tarot readings, after a little while, spirit will either show her images that she has to decipher. It is not uncommon for her to hear things or to be shown numbers.

At times Roosy will feel or see people who have passed over and are in spirit form. Roosy calls this experience a connection between both worlds, ours of the living and Spirit’s as those passed over. Our loved ones utilised this channel or medium to come through to simply “connect” with loved ones who are here on earth.

For more information about Energy Healing & Spiritual Readings, view my website, send me an email or give me a call


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