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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Most scientific studies into Chinese herbal medicine are done in China. Unfortunately many of the studies on Chinese herbs admittedly fall short of current western scientific standards of using double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study design.

However even though studies in lack modern scientific trials, Chinese herbal medicine has allowed the Chinese to establish an effective and affordable system of health-care for billions of people over many centuries. The Chinese have used Chinese herbal to treat virtually all illnesses known to them, including those that modern western medicine has been found to be minimally effective in treating.

At my clinic, a powdered herbal prescription is given to suit the individual’s illness or imbalances. I use either herbal patented pills or a powdered granulated herbal formula. These are made up of different barks, roots, flowers or leaves and are prepared in many different ways. They are suited for vegetarians and there are no endangered species used in this practice! They have all passed TGA standards for pesticides and heavy metals.

Your personal formula may need to be adjusted on a regular basis as your condition changes, as Chinese herbs treat the underlying condition as defined by your diagnosis. There are rarely side effects, and if they occur are minor and can usually be fixed by slight alterations in the herbal formula.

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