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Rosslyn McLeod

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Alexander Technique Teacher and Producer of a unique limited edition DVD documentary showcasing the life and work of Frederick Matthias Alexander - originator of the Alexander Technique

Rosslyn McLeod

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Rosslyn McLeod

Alexander Technique Teacher

Producer of the 70 minute documentary film
Frederick  Matthias  Alexander
His Life…  His Legacy…
Who was F M Alexander ?
Where and when did he live  ?
Why did he develop voice and breathing problems ?
How did he solve them then teach others
Important health knowledge so that his work,
the Alexander Technique is now known worldwide


This unique 70 minute documentary film covers:

The  Historical

F M Alexander’s Life   (1869-1955)
His early years in Tasmania
His Melbourne years:
  • The start of his acting career – interrupted by challenging voice and breathing problems
  • how he solved them through observation and experiment on himself
  • leading to greater understanding of the dynamic interplay of the relationship of the head to the torso and thus affecting the limbs– in all movement activity
  • the integration of the mind/body
Once voice and breathing problems solved a dual career opened up for Alexander
Successful acting and Increasing fame as a teacher – not only of Elocution – but for his ability to help people solve a wide variety of health problems
1904   with encouragement from Australian doctors, Alexander went to London where he lived and taught his work until 1955; there were also prolonged teaching trips to America.

The Present

Interviews with:
Professor Paul Little, University of Southampton, UK; the lead Professor for the extensive British medical research project into back pain and the Alexander Technique. (See full report BMJ August 23rd  2008)
Professor Lucy Brown, neuroscientist, Albert Einstein Medical Centre, New York, USA
Professor Galen Cranz, University of California, Berkeley;
Author “The Chair”    Re working life, especially at computers
Flautist   James Galway, and 3 choristers from the King’s College Choir, Cambridge, UK about the benefits of the Alexander Technique for musicians.
The Shaw Method, demonstration of swimming and applying the Alexander Technique.
Practical Alexander lesson - Diana Devitt-Dawson working with a 16 year old young man
Interview with Erika Whittaker – talking of her experience as an Alexander trainee in the first 3 year full time teacher training course with Alexander, begun 1931.  Her comments and insights provide a deeper understanding of Alexander’s work.
The DVD is available in Pal and NTSC, cost $29 (AUD), + postage

Click here to order the DVD now

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