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Divine Sound Healings & Hypnotherapy

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Divine Sound Healing & Hypnotherapy - About Ruby



Ruby Rose is a unique healer with the ability to bring the best of different healing modalities together and create something truly special. She has the gift of healing and singing. Her divine presence and angelic voice will give you a powerful and enlightening experience, lifting your heart and easing your mind. Committed to divine love, she will welcome you with open arms and give you an experience of unconditional love and grace.

Ruby Rose holds a clear channel for love and a powerful light shines on all she heals. She is a unique healer because of her sixth sense ability to see beyond physical issues. She works intuitively sensing, feeling and seeing what needs to be healed. Ruby Rose has the ability to feel what is within you and will hear what is occurring for you. She will know how to help you release, heal, restore and revitalise your mind and body.


Love, Trust, Respect and Freedom

Ruby Rose is an advocate for learning to receive love and practice self-love. She supports growth and empowers potential within others.

Ruby Rose seeks to build trusting relationships with people so they feel safe to be vulnerable and open. She believes that life takes faith and knows we are all loved, cared for and watched over by the grace of God.

Ruby Rose views all people as equals and respects the gifts in everyone. She aims to build a person and their self-confidence up.

Ruby Rose believes the individual birth-right of all is freedom. She is passionate about healing what limits and traps us. She helps her clients conquer the past and re-create the future.


That the infinite potential inside every human being is realised. The entire planet is living in harmony and love. Peace fills the hearts and minds of all. All beings are free from judgement, pain, disease and ill-health. Every being is expressing their divine nature and God's light is realised, felt and received.


Seeing someone shift from pain into freedom makes my heart sing. Guiding someone from stress and anxiety back into well-being stirs my soul. I deeply desire that all beings feel the fulfillment of love within themselves.


I'm passionate about love and what separates us from feeling love. I'm passionate about limiting behaviours, negative beliefs, trauma, abuse, anxiety, PTSD, disease. All the ailments of our physical condition that lead us to suffering. I'm passionate about what we don't see and the subconscious mind. I'm passionate about personal development and yoga. I love expansion and growth.


I care because I've been there myself. I've faced limiting beliefs and I've chosen love over fear. I've released habitual and unhealthy patterns of behaviour that were self-destructive and harmful to myself. I care because I know how powerful healing is and I want you to experience freedom from suffering. I care that you get the healing that you deserve and that you live a life with unlimited potential. I want every dream you've ever had to be fully realised. I care for your well-being and your state of mind. I want you to think good things about yourself and have a healthy attitude towards life. I want to empower you and lift you up. I want to see you succeed and reach your dreams.


“Fantastic experience. Very accurate. Ruby has a true gift.” Desirae Glover

“Ruby is a awesome meditation, sound bowl facilitator. Great Energy, Great vibe and ever-present. Love her work!” Geoffrey Tellis

“Ruby Rose is an incredibly gifted Goddess. I've witnessed people have awakenings with her Crystal
bowl sound healings. She clears life long beliefs with her Hypnotherapy and her Theta healing takes
people into blissful awareness. She counsels people through all sorts of unresolved issues and
guides people into supreme consciousness! Her sound journeys have taken me into a place of high
vibration and stayed with me. Thank you from the depth of my heart.” Guy Sohm



Ruby Rose Taylor's first qualification in holistic healing began as a teenager. Learning Touch for Health; certificate 1 & 2 in Kinesiology, she studied muscle groups and meridian points in highschool.

She later learnt Usui Reiki level 1 in Bali's spiritual capital, Ubud. After that she began training as a Chakra Dancing Facilitator in Brisbane and completed Reiki 2 and her Master's in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Using her knowledge of energy healing she began working with crystal singing bowls and the power of sound.

She then began studying hypnotherapy and the power of the subconscious mind with Judith Richard's Trauma Process. She began working with clients to address: depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress and trauma.

Seeking to bridge the power of the mind with the body she began studying yoga and the traditional science of samadhi. She completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Sacred Seed and now incorporates a holistic approach to happiness that she writes about in her published book; Spiritual Spring; four steps to success, Mind Mastery, Body Bliss, Heart Happiness and Soaring Spirit.