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Divine Sound Healing & Hypnotherapy

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Divine Sound Healing & Hypnotherapy

Divine Sound Healing & Hypnotherapy


As you are bathed in the pure tones of crystal singing bowls you will experience a sound healing straight from the divine. For the mind and body this is a very calming, centring and relaxing treatment. Lulling you into a haven from heaven, Ruby's angelic voice will soothingly guide your healing journey. You may release dopamine and oxytocin as you are surrounded by the vibrational purity of sound and light.

Ruby will start with a sacred shamanic practice of burning a sage stick over your body. This is a practice that helps clear the chakras and any negative energy you may be carrying. Scientists have observed that when sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which are linked to enhancing your mood. After this ancient ritual has occurred, you will hear the sounds of a medicine drum beating. The sound will move around your body and enter your ears; balancing the left and right hemispheres of your brain. As the pure quartz crystal singing bowls are played, the vibration works through 50-60% of your bodies water content. The sound frequency of the pure quartz instruments may clear blockages within your muscular, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous system.

During the sound therapy, you may drop into a very deep state of meditation and experience beyond the physical or the mind. Some people have reported seeing colour and the loving presence of the divine during their session. Many people enjoy the frequency of the sound and have commented on the experience as spiritual and angelic. The crystal bowls are chakra balancing and the energy will flow to the base of your spine, sacral, heart and the crown of your head, promoting energy to flow through all areas of your body.

You will naturally resonate and align to the pure quartz crystal singing bowls because the structure of the quartz crystal imitates the geometrical structure within your DNA, blood, bones and the crystal colloidal liquid of your brain. Your Divine Sound Healing will help you with stress, blood pressure, improve sleep, shift energy, anxiety, depression and improve circulation.


Individual Treatment in person or online via Skype or Zoom

  • 30 mins $70
  • 60 mins $110
  • 90 mins $160

Group Treatment

  • 1.5 hours $45 minimum of five people




This therapy aligns your subconscious mind with your conscious mind and is a powerful way to bring healing to any limiting beliefs or trauma that may be held in your mind and body. Your treatment at the clinic or online will access a deep, meditative state within, allowing new beliefs and empowering suggestions to be programmed into your mind.

During your deep state of relaxation, Ruby Rose will work with your mind and body to guide you into a safe space to release trauma held in any event from your life that has not been resolved. She works with you to bring your subconscious mind into a state of calm and creates empowering scenes for your mind and body to receive new habits, patterns, core beliefs and energy to take back into life.

Hypnotherapy seeks to address issues that may be causing your flight, fight or freeze response. This triggering in your brain, may show up as uncomfortable sensations of anxiety, panic and irrational thinking. This treatment targets your hyper-vigilant mind and brings your subconscious mind and your conscious mind into harmony. This treatment is highly effective and is combined with Divine Sound Healing. You will receive an empowering 30-minute audio meditation and it is advised that you continue to listen to your recording for 21 days to rewire the neural pathways within the brain to allow triggered responses to be resolved.

Hypnotherapy can help you to feel: relaxation, peace, calm, love, happiness, confidence, clarity, direction, purpose and connection. It may address: PTSD, pain, stress, weightloss, smoking, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, fear, pain, addiction, childhood trauma, body issues, gastric band and sexual abuse.

Call: 0417983395 for a direct quote and receive a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. You are welcome to email for a brochure with further information too. Sessions require a detailed review of your history. All hypnotherapy treatments come with complimentary sound healing which deepens the process significantly.


  • 2 hours $250 in person or online via Skype or Zoom
  • Highly recommended to book three sessions for optimal results.




A deeply relaxing healing treatment that targets your physical and emotional state. Ruby Rose will place her healing hands on specific areas of your body to check that your chi and life force energy is flowing well. Some areas may be blocked and will require time spent to circulate and increase the vitality in the body. This healing treatment realigns mental, physical and emotional energy and removes blocked areas throughout your system.

As you gently unwind and let your tensions melt. Reiki healing energy may calm your mind to the point that you fall asleep. Ruby Rose will guide you safely to a place of nurturing and peace. During the healing she also offers a space for you to release your deepest fears and to let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good.

Lying down you will be completely nurtured by Ruby's healing touch. Energy flows from Ruby's hands and heart, bathing you in the healing light of God force energy. Ruby will ask permission to connect to your higher-self and heart to transmit vital life force energy throughout your body. You may experience the sensation of energy and emotion moving throughout your system. You may see vibrant colours as your eyes are closed. Some people report seeing visions of spiritual beings or feel the presence of Jesus and the angels.

Depending on the type of treatment you may feel energised, centred and happy. Or you may need further rest and restoration as new pathways of energy begin to circulate and toxicity is dissolved. Reiki Master healing may assist your respiratory, circulatory, digestive and endocrine systems in your body to balance health and well-being. Energy healing may rebalance anxiety, fear, stress, depression and PTSD.

Individual treatment in person or by distance healing


  • 30 mins $70
  • 60 mins $110
  • 90 mins $160




A unique healing modality joining three powerful modalities together. This treatment combines Yoga, Divine Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy. Your session will begin with a pre-talk around what results you want and any limiting blocks that need to be cleared. Then you will begin a yoga practice suited for all levels from beginner to advanced. You will be working deeply with your body and your breath for forty minutes to calm your system by mindfully stretching, unwinding, twisting and relaxing. The sequence of asana poses will naturally prepare your mind and body for deep healing. Once in your final resting pose, lying comfortably on your back, you will be guided into a deeply relaxing, transformative and empowering hypnosis meditation that will access your subconscious mind, clearing any blocks discussed in the pre-talk. You will build a powerful set of new beliefs and also receive an audio copy of your guided meditation.

You can expect to feel incredible after this treatment. The pre-talk gives you an opportunity to voice your deepest fears and focuses on what you want more of in your life. The yoga session brings you out of your head and into your body. By concentrating on your breath, your entire system floods with oxygen. The stretching and gentle movement re-aligns your skeletal structure and aids your systems. The hypnotherapy empowers and uplifts, leaving you feeling invincible.

This treatment is deeply relaxing and also very healing for your system. Your body will benefit greatly and your levels of stress may significantly decrease. The healing power of working with the mind and body on such deep levels within the subconscious, may create lasting change and has the potential to transform your life forever. You will leave the session feeling; I am invincible, I can do anything, I am worthy, I am loved and I am good enough.

Your nervous system will be reset and switched from the flight, fight or freeze response to the parasympathetic nervous system. New and empowered neural pathways in the brain will be re-circuited and will begin harmonising your endocrine system. The combination of yoga, sound healing and hypnotherapy is a new modality, revolutionising the healing industry.


Individual treatment in person or online

  • 1 hour $110
  • 2 hour $220



Ruby Rose Taylor's first qualification in holistic healing began as a teenager. Learning Touch for Health; certificate 1 & 2 in Kinesiology, she studied muscle groups and meridian points in

She later learnt Usui Reiki level 1 in Bali's spiritual capital, Ubud. After that she began training
as a Chakra Dancing Facilitator in Brisbane and completed Reiki 2 and her Master's in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Using her knowledge of energy healing she began working with crystal singing bowls and the power of sound.

She then began studying hypnotherapy and the power of the subconscious mind with Judith
Richard's Trauma Process. She began working with clients to address: depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress and trauma.

Seeking to bridge the power of the mind with the body she began studying yoga and the
traditional science of samadhi. She completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Sacred
Seed and now incorporates a holistic approach to happiness that she writes about in her
published book; Spiritual Spring; four steps to success, Mind Mastery, Body Bliss, Heart Happiness and Soaring Spirit.


Ruby Rose is a unique healer with the ability to bring the best of different healing modalities
together and create something truly special. She has the gift of healing and singing. Her divine
presence and angelic voice will give you a powerful and enlightening experience, lifting your
heart and easing your mind. Committed to divine love, she will welcome you with open arms
and give you an experience of unconditional love and grace.

Ruby Rose holds a clear channel for love and a powerful light shines on all she heals. She is a
unique healer because of her sixth sense ability to see beyond physical issues. She works
intuitively sensing, feeling and seeing what needs to be healed. Ruby Rose has the ability to
feel what is within you and will hear what is occurring for you. She will know how to help you
release, heal, restore and revitalise your mind and body.


Love, Trust, Respect and Freedom

Ruby Rose is an advocate for learning to receive love and practice self-love. She supports
growth and empowers potential within others.

Ruby Rose seeks to build trusting relationships with people so they feel safe to be vulnerable
and open. She believes that life takes faith and knows we are all loved, cared for and watched over by the grace of God.

Ruby Rose views all people as equals and respects the gifts in everyone. She aims to build a
person and their self-confidence up.

Ruby Rose believes the individual birth-right of all is freedom. She is passionate about healing
what limits and traps us. She helps her clients conquer the past and re-create the future.


That the infinite potential inside every human being is realised. The entire planet is living in harmony and love. Peace fills the hearts and minds of all. All beings are free from judgement,
pain, disease and ill-health. Every being is expressing their divine nature and God's light is
realised, felt and received.


Seeing someone shift from pain into freedom makes my heart sing. Guiding someone from stress and anxiety back into well-being stirs my soul. I deeply desire that all beings feel the fulfillment of love within themselves.


I'm passionate about love and what separates us from feeling love. I'm passionate about limiting behaviours, negative beliefs, trauma, abuse, anxiety, PTSD, disease. All the ailments of our physical condition that lead us to suffering. I'm passionate about what we don't see and the subconscious mind. I'm passionate about personal development and yoga. I love expansion and growth.


I care because I've been there myself. I've faced limiting beliefs and I've chosen love over fear. I've released habitual and unhealthy patterns of behaviour that were self-destructive and harmful to myself. I care because I know how powerful healing is and I want you to experience freedom from suffering. I care that you get the healing that you deserve and that you live a life with unlimited potential. I want every dream you've ever had to be fully realised. I care for your well-being and your state of mind. I want you to think good things about yourself and have a healthy attitude towards life. I want to empower you and lift you up. I want to see you succeed and reach your dreams.


“Fantastic experience. Very accurate. Ruby has a true gift.” Desirae Glover

“Ruby is a awesome meditation, sound bowl facilitator. Great Energy, Great vibe and ever-present. Love her work!” Geoffrey Tellis

“Ruby Rose is an incredibly gifted Goddess. I've witnessed people have awakenings with her Crystal
bowl sound healings. She clears life long beliefs with her Hypnotherapy and her Theta healing takes
people into blissful awareness. She counsels people through all sorts of unresolved issues and
guides people into supreme consciousness! Her sound journeys have taken me into a place of high
vibration and stayed with me. Thank you from the depth of my heart.” Guy Sohm

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