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Sacred Space Within - Courses

Contact Name Luise Pearson-Bernoth
Phone 1300 527 406
Servicing Areas Brisbane & surrounds

Sacred Space Within Courses

Sacred Space Within - Courses

Harmony Healing

Everything is made of energy which vibrates at different speeds or frequencies. When your energy vibrates at a high level you feel relaxed, balanced and peaceful. We then sleep well and while sleeping the body does its repairs and healing.

When we experience stressful events they are stored in the body and drag our energy down.

Harmony Healing uses several methods depending on the individual’s needs. It will release stress and leave you feeling relaxed and restored. In this state your body can heal itself more effectively.

This is an individual healing session held in Sacred Space Within at Victoria Point.

Depression Prevention

The focus of these seminars is on parents. When parents have knowledge they are empowered to help their children. It is a very sad situation that children under five are on anti-depressants. Yet parents are the first and best possible teachers to prevent depression. The approach I teach is holistic, which means I cover all the aspects of a person; physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. It is of vital importance to cover all of these areas. The course includes two books, one is Sacred Space Within which covers the spiritual aspect and the other is Names Can Never Hurt Me, co-written with social worker, Sabine Beecher. This course will also be offered to teachers as in-service training within schools. When teachers and parents work together, the congruency helps children.

Finding Your Purpose

We are all unique individuals with a unique purpose in being here. To discover this purpose we need to go within and bring forth what is within using art, colour, sound, music, writing, clay, dance or any expressive form. When we create with these means, our own purpose becomes clear. Finding our purpose gives meaning and enjoyment to our lives.

This course involves us going within using a guided meditation. The use of aura soma colour therapy will be included. Aura soma can give you information on what may be preventing you expressing your purpose because of the shadow side, the wounded personality.

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