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Sacred Healing Music

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Sacred Healing Music

Hi, my name is Sam David and I’m Co founder of Sacred Healing Music and the S.A.T technologies which stands for Sound Awakening Technologies.

"Your voice soothed me in a way that I have never felt before. I was taken into a deep space and brought out renewed and embodied. I had to open my eyes few times to make sure you were making the sounds. At times it was like I was in another place with Tuvan Monks, Native american shamans, or in the ocean with the whales. This was one of the most powerful healing's I've ever experienced." Paul Gotel, Hawaii

I create sacred healing spaces where I take people on a journey with sound. I use my voice, crystal bowls didgeridoo, Tibetan bowls, the crystal pyramid and other instruments to guide people into a relaxed state for healing and transformation. I ground my energy into the earth and ask for help from loving unseen beings from the earth to help guide my sounds. I am a channel for the sounds to come through me when I facilitate powerful personal healing for individuals and groups.

I do private sound healing sessions, group sessions, weddings, and retreats.

I believe Sound Healing is one of the most profound ways to heal and is possibly the future of medicine. Sound has been used for healing in most indigenous cultures for thousands of years. I have been doing Sound Healing for over 20 years now and I have personally witnessed profound shifts in my clients.

We live in a world surrounded by challenging tasks and stress. Have you ever been stressed out full of mind chatter, had insomnia, or anxiety and just wanted to let go? Do you wish you had a way to get you back to yourself? Sound Healing could be your way.

"One of the only activities that activates, stimulates, and uses the entire brain is MUSIC."

Sound healing you say “What is that” Have you ever been soothed by sweet birdsongs a piece of music, or the crashing of waves? If so you’ve had a taste of sound therapy.

Schedule your first session today and experience the healing power of sound.

Please be sure to check out were you can purchase your own sound healing instrument's, sacred healing music that I have recorded, and start your journey with sound. What I’m most inspired about is expressing sound and empowering people to express sound with there voice and with the sound tools to create sacred space and healing.

Start your sound healing journey today......

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