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Sacred Voice

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“you are a creator - why not create the reality you truly deserve?”

Gavin is a healer and spiritual teacher, working with specialist hands-on energetic healing and counselling techniques to assist in achieving breakthroughs and lasting change in all areas of your life.

Sacred Voice


Hearing yourself speak with someone who truly understands is the first step in empowering yourself to change knowing it is ok to share how you feel - FOR YOU - is the key of release that opens the door allowing healing to occur for the space within.

Sacred Voice will assist in your choice to honour the inner call towards lasting change and growth in your life.

A life of abundance, passion, joy and love are not only rewards for courage but also the essence of who you are.


Sacred Vision Healing is a unique and powerful modality, combining hands-on healing techniques and specialist tools with shared expression and counselling to facilitate healing and growth in your life. Working with a powerful “body map”, the energetic bodies and higher consciousness, Sacred Vision Healing embraces your entire world, bringing light and understanding to limiting patterns and play-outs that no longer serve you.

Through gentle nurturance and guidance, you will unveil the structures that have kept you fixed in limitation, allowing recognition of your true self and spiritual nature.

Shifts and transformations touch on the personality self, however as you recognise your truth, you freely choose to release that which may have manifested as illness, anxiety or dis-ease, allowing you to embrace the fullness of your divine potential and birth right!

"Empowering through the united vision of change"

Sacred Vision Healing can assist you with:
  • childhood pains
  • subconscious blocks and patterns
  • core issues such as abandonment and rejection
  • anxiety and self-sabotage
  • building self-worth
  • unfolding true purpose
Specialising in:
  • revealing and releasing limiting habits, structures and patterns
  • grief counselling and life coaching
  • addressing psychological and emotional addictions
  • alignment to utmost happiness and joy


Meditation and Spiritual Development classes

Held in small intimate groups of up to 8 fortnightly.

Classes include written notes, spiritual development tools and discussion, and guided meditation.
Meditation and spiritual development classes run from 8pm through until 10:30pm followed by a light supper.

Learn how to meditate and achieve lasting peace and bring stillness to your life. The dedication to daily practice, as little as 10 minutes a day will relieve stress and reveal more clearly your hearts calling and inner truth.

Go deeper within your own spiritual knowing to unfold awakened clarity and awareness of who you truly are and become the change you wish for your life.

Please call or email if you would like more information or to make a booking.

  • Sacred Vision Healer - 6 years of metaphysical healing
  • Sacred Vision Healing assistant facilitator - 5 years assistant facilitating Sacred Vision Healing group training
  • Spiritual & meditation group facilitator – 7 years facilitating group meditation and spiritual development classes in Melbourne.

Sacred Vision Healings consist of a consultation, hands-on energy work, then a further discussion about the healing and its outcomes, with specific written and verbal tools for you to take away with you after the session.

Please call Gavin on: 0412549588 for any questions you may have or email at:

Gavin also available by appointment at
NATURAL PATHWAYS, 65-67 Percy Street, Mitcham

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