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Servicing area: Dundas, Hawkesbury, New South Wales

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The Mobile Naturopathic, Massage & Yoga Clinic in Sydney!


Welcome to Salkeld Sanctuary, the Mobile Naturopathic Massage & Yoga Clinic in Sydney.

My name is Julie Salkeld and if you have entered my website your journey to better health, happiness and balance has already begun...

I am a Mobile Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor.

I offer the following therapies:

It is a joy to watch the people I meet evolve both in their personal lives and their emotional and physical wellbeing and my work helps facilitate this process through either Naturopathy, Massage, Yoga or a combination of these therapies.

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."
~ Hippocrates

Mobile Naturopathy
How would it feel to enjoy a Naturopathic or Massage Consultation in the comfort of your own environment?

My Naturopathic consults can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or at a mutually convenient place. I have many patients who have chosen to meet in cafes which saves them time and travel.

My modalities include the following:

Herbal Medicine This timeless and traditional form of healing is both effective and powerful formulas can be individually tailored to suit your needs.

Homoeopathy This uses the method like treats like in which gentle non-invasive drops are administered under the tongue to promote stimulation of our vital force.

Nutritional Therapy Using practitioner range products this provides my patients with strict TGA (Therapeutic Goods Act) controlled supplements that are of the highest standard and are supported with scientific trials and studies. Individual food guidelines are carefully formulated to give the body a balanced intake of important nutrients as well as allowing you to enjoy a variety of interesting and tasty recipes (see my FREE yummy recipes.)

Mobile Massage Therapy
I enjoy massage immensely and am still surprised at the number of people who tell me I have given them their first massage. Massage is now considered as important a health maintenance upkeep as brushing your teeth or washing your hair.

Our muscles are used every single minute of every single day and constant neglect of the warning signs (aching, stiffness, inflexibility, emotional distress) can lead to chronic issues that require more radical treatment such as surgery or long term pain relief medications that have their own set of side effects.

I love the fact that my work can help someone so significantly by improving energy levels, blood flow and nutrition to muscle cells. We as humans NEED massage, it is no longer just a luxury for the affluent or the indulgent.

Once you have experienced your first massage session you will never look back. It can be life changing for some people who have suffered long term aggravations, tension and pain.

My Mobile Massage Therapies include the following:

Hot Rock Massage (Ancient Healing Stone Therapy)
Smooth riverbed stones and volcanic hot rocks are combined with a blend of aromatic herbs and oils to soothe and enliven your soul.

They are placed on the bodys energy centres and are used to produce a feeling which could only be described as absolute bliss. Enjoy this truly magical experience.

Remedial Massage
Is a deep tissue therapy which can relieve stiff and tired muscles. Cold pressed oils such as sweet almond and macadamia nut are used to work deep into the muscle belly and attachment points encouraging warmth and healing.

Aromatherapy Massage
This massage is tailored to suit the individual and can include deep tissue therapy with relaxing or uplifting aromatherapy oils. A popular blend I use is Ylang Ylang/Orange and Patchouli. Divine!

See our website for pricing.

For an appointment please call 0412 12 12 96 or contact us by email.

Hatha Yoga stretches and strengthens not only our muscles but our organs and our mind. Yoga is for everybody, not just the fittest or the youngest or the healthiest.

It opens us up to a deeper understanding of ourselves and promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of Yoga which introduces pranayama (prana = breath/life/vitality - ayama = length/expansion).

I have 2 weekly classes available;

Yoga in Dundas

Tue-7:30PM-8:30PM $16 casual
Classes are held every Tuesday night except public holidays.

Beginner/general class
Dress comfortably

Dundas Valley Scout Hall
Cnr Yates Ave & Fullford st

Yoga Hawkesbury

Mon-7:30PM-8:30PM $15 casual
Classes are held every Monday night except public holidays.

Beginner/general class
Dress comfortably

Blaxlands Ridge Community Hall
Blaxlands Ridge Rd
Blaxlands Ridge

If you are interested in private one on one classes please contact Julie on 0412 12 12 96 or email me. Postures (asanas) together with correct breathing increases fresh blood flow and can correct poor posture, restore

Although I was trained as a Hatha Yoga Instructor under the strict guidance of my Indian mentor my Yoga teachings also include the use of props such as straps and blocks to assist people with their postures.

My yoga allows all ages to enjoy and participate. Come and try it for yourself. Once youve tried Yoga you will always want it in your life. Yoga is FUN!

S-t-r-e-t-c-h Yourself!


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Qualification details

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Human Health Science, Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training

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