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The Art of Vibrational Healing

About Me

I am a qualified Kinesiologist and I believe we all deserve a life where we can realize our innermost dreams and desires - becoming the person we have always wanted to be, releasing the outer layer of ego/negativity and becoming our true selves bringing about balance, harmony, health and peace.

Kinesiology ( pronounced kin- easy-ology) therapy is a holistic natural therapy which allows the therapist to communicate with your bodys innate intelligence through the use of gentle muscle monitoring techniques to determine and remove underlying stresses within the bodys different systems. As a holistic complementary therapy it is used to treat a wide range of stress associated ailments on different levels using a vibrational model of health.

Modalities that I Offer Include:

  • Traditional Kinesiology - a complimentary health system that can integrate with allopathic medicine to immediate and long lasting benefit
  • Transformational Kinesiology- Holistic healing recognizes that the mind, emotions, spirit, and lifestyle ecology, significantly affect the functioning of the physical body.
  • Past Life Recall & Cellular Integration - Your cells remember and hold all the information from your past lives right up until your present life and are constantly updating this information. This cellular memory retains information on all levels of your being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Creative Arts therapy -an arts based healing modality- Using Kinesiology to access system,identifying positive imagery, symbols, color etc for the client to utilise.


Today Kinesiologists incorporate a variety of vibrational healing techniques to treat imbalances in the body's many systems. It is a foundational understanding in kinesiology that each muscle in the body is directly connected to one of the 14 main Chinese medicine meridians. A kinesiology therapist is able to determine where stress lies within the body's vibrational system (i.e. the meridian, chakra or auric field) in various ways. They can either test various muscles the obtain information about which meridians are under or over energized. They can also work by setting up an "indicator muscle" and test for a yes/no response when asking questions about where stress lies in various systems. They do this by working with certain acu-points and areas of the body and/or by introducing stressful substances into the body"s energetic field.

Kinesiology focuses on your body"s innate ability to heal itself and uncovers the underlying conditions and stressors that may be preventing you from achieving your life potential. Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to help you identify and clear limiting beliefs, perform successfully, heal yourself and maintain your wellbeing. What makes Kinesiology treatment so effective is that it is always specific to the individual. As your Kinesiologist I act as the facilitator for your healing by drawing conscious awareness to where stress occurs and what it is related to, the ultimate outcome being that your body is encouraged to heal and balance itself.

As a holistic therapy kinesiology treatment can be effective on many levels, the main aim of the treatment is to remove stress which can be experienced in many forms. Stress for example can be experienced biochemically when we come into contact with toxic chemicals or emotionally when we are involved in an argument or unpleasant situation. Stress can also be good or bad, the difference between the two depends on the outcome for the person experiencing it. Bad stress ultimately leads to "distress" in the form of illness and emotional issues. Following is a brief breakdown of how kinesiology works to reduce stress on different levels.

Physically , kinesiology can be used to show us where imbalances lie in the muscle and joint mechanics. Often, pain and postural misalignment is caused by tightening of particular muscles whilst their opposing/antagonist muscles become elongated and weakened. Muscle monitoring techniques show the therapist which muscles are out of balance and allows the therapist to perform body-work or prescribe stretches or corrective exercise to re-strengthen and/or stretch the affected muscles.

Biochemically , kinesiology is often used to test allergies, sensitivities and intolerances to foods and other chemical substances. It can also be used to determine possible hormonal imbalances and blood chemistry imbalances as well as nutritional deficiencies when used with the appropriate knowledge of nutritional medicine.

Psychologically , kinesiology can help a person to clear limiting belief systems, change patterns of behavior and uplift low moods by investigating what beliefs a person holds onto, how those beliefs make them act in a particular way and where they originated from. Through the use of affirmations, emotional stress relief techniques and holistic counseling, the body is able to be "re-programmed" and old beliefs recognised and replaced with desired ones.

Energetically , kinesiology can determine where there are imbalances in the vibrational system, incorporating the acu-point, meridian, chakra and auric systems. Kinesiologists can then utilize vibrational treatments to realign the body"s energetic system. Treatments given may include flower essences, homeopathy, sound vibration, light frequency, hands on healing, acu-pressure etc.


ellular Memory Integration was developed by Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury. Patti has been doing Regression Therapy since 1978, which evolved into the Kinesiology technique called Cellular Memory Integration.

The focus of this work is to facilitate healing, integration and fuller expression of our potential in the present by accessing cellular memories and clearing unconscious faulty beliefs, patterns and trauma. Trauma in childhood can lock in dysfunctional survival and belief systems which distort our perception of the world and our place in it. This is also true of unresolved, unconscious memories and resonances of trauma from previous lives and/or our genetic inheritance.

You do not need to have any spiritual or religious beliefs to benefit from the CMI process. Many atheists have experienced CMI regressions with wonderful results.

Whatever we receive potentially has important healing and information for us. Even if you experience the regression as only your imagination or like a dream, the messages obtained are a powerful metaphor for things going on in your life now. It is important to heal the story or metaphor and unresolved issues then bring the gifts and lessons learnt into the present.

Cellular Memory Integration may benefit adults with:
Persistent physical problems which are not alleviated by modern or alternative medicine.
Phobias, prejudices and irrational reactivity to certain people, groups or institutions.
We are able to remember times when we had positive personality traits and abilities which are then integrated and reactivated in the present. Sometimes certain knowledge or abilities are closed off from us for a number of lifetimes in order for us to develop other skills and understanding. Once the understanding has been gained it is possible for the soul to reactivate these abilities from the past. We may be able to access lifetimes where we had artistic, psychic and/or healing abilities - when we used power wisely and with integrity - when we were self confident, loving and joyful etc.

Qualification details

Qualifications and Skills:

HLT51507 Diploma of Transformational Kinesiology

TAE40110 Certificate IV Training & Assessment

HLT42807 Certificate IV in Kinesiology

BSB40198 Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

BSB40407 Certificate IV in Business Management

HTLFA301B First Aid Level 2 St Johns

THH31052 Certificate III Commercial Cookery

CMI25 Cellular Memory Integration WA Kinesiology Centre

CNJ36 Certificate of Studio Ceramics

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